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A Simple Smart Client
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In this example, that would be 8:59:30 a.m. when the transaction that modified the row started. When we go to refresh the data at 10:00 a.m., we pull all of the changes that had occurred since that time; when we merge these into the data warehouse, we ll have everything we need.
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Public Property Description() As String Get Return mDescription End Get Set(ByVal Value As String) mDescription = Value End Set End Property Public Sub New(ByVal propertyName As String) mPropertyName = propertyName End Sub Public Overrides Function ToString() As String Return mPropertyName End Function End Class The goal is to be able to pass data into and out of the rule method in a clearly defined manner. At a minimum, RuleArgs passes the name of the property to be validated into the rule method, and passes back any broken rule description out of the rule method. To do this, it simply contains a read-only PropertyName property and a read-write Description property. More important is the fact that the author of a rule method can create a subclass of RuleArgs to provide extra information. For instance, implementing a maximum value rule implies that the maximum allowed value can be provided to the rule. To do this, the rule author would create a subclass of RuleArgs. You ll see an example of this in the Common Business Rules section of 5, in which I discuss the CommonRules class.
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Need to take something out of the oven in 30 minutes Need to take the pasta out in 8 minutes, but don't have a kitchen timer available Need to remember to turn off the sprinkler in 1 hour All these are perfect reasons to use the Timer, which gives you a great count-down timer.
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Perhaps this is an obvious point, but before you try to speed up any code by parallelizing it, ensure that it is written in the most efficient manner. Crap code running in parallel is now just parallelized crap code; it still won t perform as well as it could! code39 fonts winforms
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You can view the connection properties to find the Access file name and path: 1. In the Shipments.xlsx file, select a cell in the pivot table, and then on the Ribbon, click the Data tab. 2. In the Connections group, click Properties. 3. In the Connection Properties dialog box, you can see the Connection name at the top. Click the Definition tab. 4. In the Connection File box, you can see the name and path of the database. In the Command Text box is the name of the Access query. 5. Click Cancel to close the Connection Properties dialog box.
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Figure 3-1. C# and the .NET Framework You begin by writing your program using a series of C# statements (I explain the types of statement you can write and how they relate to one another in s 4-15). This is not as daunting as it may sound; although there are 11 chapters dedicated to the C# language, each is focused on a particular aspect, so you will be able to write simple C# programs quite soon.
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GlobalContext ClientContext Principal IsRemotePortal ClientCulture ClientUICulture
// Still adds some deque.addAll(names.keySet()); } catch (IllegalStateException e) { console.printf("Full: %s%n", e); } // Reset, remove those that fit deque.clear(); // Add one at time to beginning of deque new Thread() { public void run() { Set<String> keys = names.keySet(); Iterator<String> itor = keys.iterator(); String element = null; while (itor.hasNext() || element != null) { if (element == null) { element =; console.printf("MapGot: %s%n", element); } console.printf("Offering: %s%n", element); if (deque.offerFirst(element)) { console.printf("MapRemoving: %s%n", element); itor.remove(); element = null; } else { try { Thread.sleep(250); } catch (InterruptedException ignored) { } } } // Done. Give time to process rest. try { Thread.sleep(3500); } catch (InterruptedException ignored) { } System.exit(0); } }.start(); while (true) { if ((deque.size() % 2 == 1)) { // remove head console.printf("Remove head: %s%n", deque.pollFirst());
Finally, the configuration for using Web Services would look like this: < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <configuration> <appSettings> <add key="CslaAuthentication" value="Csla" /> <add key="CslaDataPortalProxy" value="Csla.DataPortalClient.WebServicesProxy, Csla"/> <add key="CslaDataPortalUrl" value="http://localhost/WebServicesHost/WebServicePortal.asmx"/> </appSettings> <connectionStrings> </connectionStrings> As with remoting, you need to change localhost and WebServicesHost to the actual server name and virtual root name used by your application. Also, the virtual root and web service asmx file must be created and configured. I ll show how this is done in 12. The most important thing to realize about the site configuration is that the data portal can be changed from local to remote (using any of the network channels) with no need to change any UI or business object code.
Configuring the TextBlock Control
This example provides a standard client-side data control that allows you to navigate through a data source. It displays the contents of the fields for the current record and provides read and write binding between them. Therefore, when you navigate to a field, you can edit that field, and your edit will automatically update the underlying dataset. You can see it in action in Figure 8-4. The < and > buttons will move you forward and backward through the dataset. If you change an item either within the name field or within the description field, the dirty flag will be set. This enables the Save button so that the changes can be written to the database, as shown in Figure 8-5.
} } // The executing method .method public static void Exec() { .entrypoint newobj instance void A::.ctor() ldstr "Hehe" callvirt instance int32 IX::Do<string>(!!0) call PrintInt newobj instance void B::.ctor() ldstr "Haha" callvirt instance int32 IX::Do<string>(!!0) call PrintInt ldstr "Huhu" newobj instance void C::.ctor<string>(!!0) ldstr "Hoho" callvirt instance int32 IX::Do<string>(!!0) call PrintInt ret }
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