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Caution There is a second overload of the DrawEllipse method that accepts a thickness for the
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As I discussed earlier in the chapter, the .NET data binding infrastructure directly supports the concept of data binding to objects and collections. However, an object can provide more complete behaviors by implementing a few interfaces in the framework base classes. Table 2-2 lists the interfaces and their purpose. Table 2-2. .NET Data Binding Interfaces
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High-Security Web Client
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Using the Constructor
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Listing 9-18. A Web Service Client That Processes an Acknowledgement Message
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Figure 11-2. Instantiation dependency graph The ECMA/ISO standard specification illustrates the circular instantiation dependencies with a sample that is probably the simplest instantiation dependency with an expanding loop: .class public A`1<T> extends class B`1<class A`1<class A`1<!T>>> { ... } .class public B`1<U> { ... } This sample has the instantiation dependency graph where the node representing type parameter T is connected to itself with an expanding edge. If the instantiation dependency graph has no loops or has loops consisting only of nonexpanding edges, such instantiation dependency is noncyclic and can be loaded. The inheritance and implementation constraints imposed on the type parameters of the generic types don t affect the type loading in the same way as the generic instantiations, which the type itself extends and implements, so the instantiations representing these constraints are not included in the instantiation dependency analysis.
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Enumerating with a foreach Loop
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If you start typing a letter, the toolbox will jump to items containing the letter typed. You can also tab through to the next item that matches.
To Do This
The Problem
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