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Create ECC200 in Objective-C DATABASE TABLES

The SumAllValueFields procedure changes the Function property for each field in the Values area (pt.DataFields), setting it to xlSum. Because the ws variable is set to the ActiveSheet instead of a specific worksheet, you can run the code on any worksheet that contains a pivot table. The code refers to the pivot table by index number (1), instead of using a specific name ("PT1"), and that also makes it more flexible.
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The grid had defined an EditItemTemplate that shows how it should behave upon entering the edit context. This changes the Priority field from a straight text field to a drop-down list. If you click Edit beside the My New Item field you just added, you will see this in action (see Figure 7-5).
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Mem2 = 5
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Using Multiple GameComponents
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The Business Methods region contains a set of methods that provide business functionality for use by UI code. In many cases, these methods are overloads of methods common to all collections, but they accept parameters that provide much simpler use for the UI developer. The methods are listed in Table 8-1. Table 8-1. Business Methods in ProjectResources
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The DataSource control exposes the methods shown in Table 8-3.
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Table 8-3. DataSource Methods
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Member1; Member2; Member3; Member4; Member5;
Figure 2-8. State Composition View The State Composition View allows you to add EventActivity activities to the FirstState State activity. You can return to the State Composition View (the normal workflow design surface) by right-clicking anywhere on this design surface and choosing Back To State Composition View. Another way to return to the State Composition View is to click either the Workflow1 or FirstState links on the top left of this window. If you click the FirstState link at the top left, you ll return to the FirstState state, and if you click the Workflow1 link at the top left, you ll return to the overall workflow. They re one and the same for now because you have a small workflow, but this can be useful if you have a long workflow. If you re back in the State Composition View (the default workflow design surface), then you ll see the EventDriven activity added within the FirstState State activity, as shown in Figure 2-9. If you double-click the eventDrivenActivity1 state within the FirstState State activity, you ll get back to the EventDrivenActivity. You ll see an exclamation point in the right corner of the EventDrivenActivity1 activity within the FirstState State activity. When you click the exclamation point, you ll see that a child activity must be present. For this first, simple State Machine workflow, drag and drop the Delay activity from the Toolbox. Make sure to drop it within the EventDrivenActivity1 activity. You ll use this Delay activity to pause a set period of time before changing states. All this workflow is going to do is wait a set period of time, move to the next state, pause a set period of time, and then move to the completed state.
0.7 * (20 10) 10
Table 2-8. Namespaces Used in the CSLA .NET Framework
Table 6-3. Context Data Contained Within ApplicationContext
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