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namespace MyNamespace { class SomeClass { static void Main() { Alias for namespace Syst.Console.WriteLine ("Using the namespace alias."); System.Console.WriteLine("Using fully qualified name."); SC.WriteLine ("Using the type alias"); } Alias for class } }
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You want to detect whether the user s pointer is over a Model in your 3D scene.
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Stroke StrokeDashArray
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A buffered redo log for the preceding two items has been generated in the SGA. Depending on the size of the preceding three items and the amount of time spent, some combination of the previous data may be flushed onto disk already. All locks have been acquired.
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R^ r; R r1 = *r; i = r1->P; // Declare a handle. // Dereference a handle. // Access a member using the -> operator.
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typing Car c = new Car();. But because Vehicle is the superclass for Car, I can do it either way (see the following code): namespace InterfaceProject { public partial class MainPage : UserControl { public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); Vehicle c = new Car(); c.ShowModeOfTransporation(); c.ShowNumberOfSeats(); } } }
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namespace CustomZStackPanelProject { public class ZStackPanel : Panel { } }
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Figure 16-26. Add a visual State.
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Constrained Delegation
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Figure 32-19. Selecting the object data source In the next dialog box, expand the items until you see the list of C# classes created by the Entity Framework, and check the Employee item, as shown in Figure 32-20.
Sometimes, a name is entered incorrectly and needs to be fixed, so project managers and supervisors need to be able to change the name.
FillBehavior show up, as in Figure 7-32.
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