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Upon updating the status change, you can switch to the Completed view by toggling the main drop-down box, and you ll see the recently created task marked as completed as shown in Figure 6-9. Also, you can now delete a task by simply clicking the Delete link.
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The .NET Framework collection classes have associated interfaces. It is a good idea to use the interfaces instead of the types directly. That way, code written for one collection type will work with other related collection types that implement the same interface. Collection types use different data structures and algorithms, but often share the basic interface. For example, an array-like class could be implemented as an array or as a linked list. Whether one or the other was more efficient would depend on how it is used. If you use the interface instead of the specific collection type, your algorithms and functions that take the interfaces will be independent of implementation, so you can easily switch to another implementation if you find that it is more efficient, and you can reuse code on a wider variety of collection types.
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If you wanted to use Windows integrated security, you wouldn t need a login form because the client workstation already knows the user s identity. Instead, you would need to add a bit of code to MainForm so that as it loads, the CurrentPrincipal is configured with a WindowsPrincipal object. The following code shows how to detect the authentication mode and adapt to use either Windows or custom authentication appropriately: private void MainForm_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (Csla.ApplicationContext.AuthenticationType == "Windows") AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetPrincipalPolicy( System.Security.Principal.PrincipalPolicy.WindowsPrincipal); else DoLogin(); if (DocumentCount == 0) this.DocumentsToolStripDropDownButton.Enabled = false; ApplyAuthorizationRules(); } Calling SetPrincipalPolicy() to set the WindowsPrincipal option tells the .NET runtime to return the current WindowsPrincipal object for the CurrentPrincipal property of the Thread.
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Once again, the Id column is the primary key it s an int that is configured as an identity column using the Column Properties window, as shown in Figure 6-21.
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This definition goes on to call out a little about how SOA is different from Remote Procedure Call (RPC). It s an important distinction, and one that s easy to miss when you re first coming to an understanding of service orientation. This is a message-passing infrastructure, and not an RPC mechanism. In this definition, we see our invocation of a message-based approach, a distinction that s more metaphorical than anything else, and one we ll carry through our entire discussion. It changes how you think about services, changes that should influence how they re designed. This distinction is lost on many, however, because it doesn t change how services are consumed. At the end of the day, you create an instance of a type, call a method, and get a value returned. It looks like RPC. It acts like RPC. But it is not RPC. The message is the medium. Don Box Architect, Microsoft Corporation These definitions seemingly land all over the board. SOA really seems to mean a lot of different things to different people. There are some common themes here, though, and pulling out these threads should give you a more vivid idea of what the SOA tapestry reveals.
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// use the BaseAddress property myWebClient.BaseAddress = ""; // get the headers collection NameValueCollection headersCollection = myWebClient.Headers; // add a header to the collection headersCollection.Add("MyHeader", "MyHeaderValue"); // get the data for the US english home page Console.WriteLine("--- First result ---"); Stream dataStream = myWebClient.OpenRead("en/us/default.aspx"); Console.WriteLine(ReadFirstString(dataStream)); // reuse the same web request to get the UK englsh page Console.WriteLine("--- Second Result ---"); dataStream = myWebClient.OpenRead("en/gb/default.aspx"); Console.WriteLine(ReadFirstString(dataStream)); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } static string ReadFirstString(Stream dataStream) { // create a reader around the stream StreamReader myReader = new StreamReader(dataStream); // read the first line from the stream string firstString = myReader.ReadLine().Substring(0, 80); // close the reader (and therefore the stream as well) myReader.Close(); // return the string return firstString; } } The Headers and QueryString properties store name/value pairs using the System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection class. The most important method in this class is Add, which allows you to add a new name/value pair to the collection by specifying two string parameters, as demonstrated in Listing 21-2. The same headers and query string information will be used for each request made using the WebClient object, meaning that you can provide this information once and get the benefit of it on all subsequent requests. The two web pages requested in Listing 21-2 are the US and UK home pages from the Microsoft site. The pages are quite lengthy, so the responses have been trimmed to 80 characters. Compiling and running Listing 21-2 produces the following results: --- First result --<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.or --- Second Result --<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.or
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Pure mode produces code that uses CIL instructions only, not machine instructions, and is not verifiably safe. It may use pointers or other features that result in code that could produce buffer overruns, access violations, and other memory corruption. If you re familiar with C#, pure code is like a C# program compiled with the /unsafe option. There is no equivalent in Visual Basic. If you try to compile a native C++ application with /clr:pure, it will work only if the code being compiled has no constructs that generate machine-specific code. You can, however, link with native libraries. The linker will add the necessary hookups to call into native libraries in /clr:pure mode. For example, the following program // message_box.cpp #include <windows.h> int main() { ::MessageBox(0,"message","caption",MB_OK); } compiled with cl /clr:pure message_box.cpp user32.lib will produce an executable that runs as expected.
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