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A Better Way
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Business Activity Monitoring
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Introducing the Orchestration Designer
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to add a ScriptManager component to the page, which you can do by either dragging and dropping the component from the Toolbox or simply adding the markup to the page:
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Now you will add a new receive location and choose the adapter and pipeline. As mentioned earlier, you ll be using the File adapter for this particular application. To take advantage of the unique abilities that the adapter has, you ll need to point it to the correct hard drive location. You will then need to configure the File adapter, so that it has an idea where to locate your XML file. As you ll recall, you created an in and out directory for processing the files for this application. 1. In the General section of the Receive Port Properties dialog box, leave the Name property at its default setting (you ll be using that again later). Click the Receive Locations selection in the left pane. 2. Click the New button in the right pane to add a new location. Another Properties dialog box will open, as shown in Figure 8-11. This is where you ll add the physical attributes to your file s location. The Receive Location Properties dialog box provides easy access to the adapter (Transport), as well as the pipeline.
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Table 10-4. Properties of CslaActionExtender
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2.9. Filtering a Pivot Field: Filtering Values for Row Fields
Table 6-3. Context Data Contained Within ApplicationContext (Continued)
The UdpAnySourceMulticastClient Class
form. There is no difference in runtime performance between the two forms.
StringToDate() converts a string value containing a date into a DateTime value. It understands that an empty string should be converted to either the smallest or the largest date, based on an optional parameter. It also handles translation of shortcut values to valid date values. The characters ., +, and , correspond to today, tomorrow, and yesterday, respectively. Additionally, the values t, today, tom, tomorrow, y, and yesterday work in a similar manner. These text values are defined in the projects Resource.resx file, and so are subject to localization for other languages. Here s the code: public static DateTime StringToDatestring value) { return StringToDate(value, true); } public static DateTime StringToDate(string value, bool emptyIsMin) { DateTime tmp; if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(value)) { if (emptyIsMin) return DateTime.MinValue; else return DateTime.MaxValue; } else if (DateTime.TryParse(value, out tmp)) return tmp; else
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