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// Abstract class derived from // an abstract class
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Simple Statements
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Finally, there s the Assignments table. A many-to-many relationship exists between projects and resources a project can have a number of resources assigned to it, and a resource can be assigned to a number of projects. The way you can represent this relationally is to create a link table that contains the primary keys of both tables. In this case, it will also include information about the relationship, including the date of the assignment and the role that the resource plays in the project, as shown in Figure 6-22.
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To construct this page, you use the following HTML code: <form id="form1" runat="server"> <atlas:ScriptManager runat="server" ID="ScriptManager1" /> <div class="description"> <h3><u>Example 1:</u></h3> <div id="panel">This panel (div element) will be affected by color selection and clicking the cursor button. </div> <br /> Select a color for the panel:  <select id="colorSelect" class="itemselect"> <option value="normal">Normal</option> <option value="red">Red</option> <option value="blue">Blue</option> <option value="notset">NotSet</option> </select> <input type="button" id="cursorButton" class="buttonstyle" value="Set the hover cursor for the panel" /> <span id="cursorLabel"></span> </div> </form>
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To retrieve the correct name for your assembly, you ve got two choices (well, really you ve got more, but only two that make much sense). First, you could add the DLL to the global assembly cache (GAC) (c:\windows\assembly) and check the value from there. You will need to strong-name your assembly before adding it to the GAC. This option requires you to piece together the various pieces of data into the full string that you need:
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As in the case of branching instructions, ILAsm syntax allows you to replace the labels in a switch(...) instruction with explicit offsets, but I definitely do not recommend this. The instruction takes one value from the stack and converts it to an unsigned integer. It then switches to the target according to the value of this unsigned integer. A 0 value corresponds to the first target offset on the list. If the value is greater than or equal to the number of targets, the switch instruction is ignored, and control is passed to the instruction immediately following it. In this sense, the default case in ILAsm is always the first (lexically) case of the switch. switch <unsigned int32> <int32>...<int32> (0x45). Branch to one of the <unsigned int32> offsets.
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Once we have created an object, we can work with it using the members we defined in the class. Working with an object typically means doing one of two things: changing the value of a field to change the state of an object or using one of the objects methods to perform an action. Methods can modify the value of fields as well, so sometimes you ll be performing a calculation and modifying the state of an object in one go.
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While stored procedures may or may not offer any performance benefits, I believe they are a critical part of any business application. Stored procedures provide an abstract, logical interface to the database. They provide a level of indirection between the business objects and the underlying table structures, and thus they reduce coupling between the data management and business layers in your application. In short, stored procedures help make applications more maintainable over time. That said, you ll notice that none of these stored procedures are complex, and every effort has been made to keep business logic out of the database and in the business objects. Putting the business logic in both the objects and the database is just another way to duplicate business logic, which increases maintenance costs for the application as a whole.
Again, compilation requires the tools.jar file, as follows:
Figure 6-32. Group all Ellipses into a Canvas.
Direct Authentication
Authorization Rules
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