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The field declarations are as follows: private private private private private private Guid _id; string _name = string.Empty; SmartDate _started; SmartDate _ended = new SmartDate(false); string _description = string.Empty; byte[] _timestamp = new byte[8];
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The constructor for AttributeUsage takes a single, positional parameter that specifies which target types are allowed for the attribute. It uses this parameter to set the ValidOn property. The acceptable target types are members of the AttributeTarget enumeration. The complete set of the members of the AttributeTarget enumeration is shown in Table 21-4. You can combine the usage types by using the bitwise OR operator. For example, the attribute declared in the following code can be applied only to methods and constructors. Targets [ AttributeUsage( AttributeTarget.Method | AttributeTarget.Constructor ) ] public sealed class MyAttributeAttribute : System.Attribute { ...
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x:Name="MouseLeave" /> </VisualStateGroup> </VisualStateManager.VisualStateGroups> Let s quickly run through this code:
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Much of the focus in 3 was on ensuring that business objects support Windows Forms data binding. That support from the objects is useful, but can be made even more useful by adding some functionality to each form. This can be done using a type of Windows Forms control called an extender control. Extender controls are added to a form, and they in turn add properties and behaviors to other controls on the form, thus extending those other controls. A good example of this is the ErrorProvider control, which extends other controls by adding the ability to display an error icon with a tooltip describing the error.
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While it s not mandatory to include a web.config file as far as the ASP .NET runtime is concerned, they are downright mandatory when securing an ASP .NET web application. So much so that it s not uncommon for a single ASP .NET web application to make use of multiple web.config files. By doing so, you re able to leverage configuration inheritance.
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Shared Pool Heaps Library Cache Hash Buffers
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In this short chapter, we looked at how you can modify your classes to ensure that resources are released properly and that objects have a chance to tidy themselves up before they are destroyed by the garbage collector. We also looked at weak references, which allow you to create objects that are always candidates for destruction by the garbage collector.
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Explicit Interface Member Implementations
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One problem KCD has encountered as they increase their use of workflow is outdated task assignments. For example, Sue in Marketing creates a document detailing plans for a marketing campaign for a new product and posts it to the Marketing department s collaboration section on the intranet. After posting the document, Sue manually kicks off the Marketing Campaign workflow. Sue does not need to assign users to tasks because, as part of the workflow, a task is assigned to the current members of the campaign review committee a virtual team that rotates its members quarterly and is made up of employees from all over the world. Sue does not know who the current members of the review committee are, although she could find out if she needed to. The workflow encapsulates the logic to look up the current team members and assign tasks appropriately.
Requests that the UI provide a reference to the business object that is the data source Requests that the UI insert a new business object based on the data from the form Requests that the UI update a business object with the data from the form, based on the key value provided Requests that the UI delete the business object based on the key value provided
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