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ListChanged Event
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Listing 8-1. Configure the Security Token Service Provider
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Contacting the Author
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c. Refresh the pivot table, and then add the Avg field as the first field in the Row Labels area. d. You can type a new caption for the Avg field s item. For example, if you left the cells in the source data blank, replace the (blank) caption with a space character, or All Categories. e. Right-click the Avg row label, and in the context menu, click Field Settings. f. In the Field Settings dialog box, select the Subtotals & Filters tab. g. In the Subtotals section, select Custom, select the Average function, and then click OK. h. On the Ribbon, click the Design tab. i. In the Layout group, click Subtotals, and then click Show All Subtotals at Bottom of Group. The pivot table shows each Region s average quantity just above the Grand Total row (see Figure 5-19).
The IMobileObject interface exists to support serialization through the MobileFormatter, which is part of CSLA .NET for Silverlight. CSLA .NET for Silverlight is outside the scope of this book, and IMobileObject has no impact on how CSLA .NET works within the .NET runtime.
// Declare class Bird
A New Logical Architecture
Tasks can have the following status: Cancelled: The task was cancelled before it reached running status or the cancellation acknowledged and completed with no exceptions. Created: The task was created but not initialized. Faulted: Completed due to an exception that was not handled. RanToCompletion: Completed successfully. Running: The task currently running. WaitingForActivation: The task waiting to be activated and scheduled. WaitingForChildrenToComplete: Waiting for child tasks to complete. WaitingToRun: Scheduled but not yet run.
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