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Descriptor error during this step, that means that the database listener is not configured with a static registration entry for this server. The DBA has not permitted remote SYSDBA connections when the database instance is not up. This will be the case for most Oracle installations for version 9i and above. You would need to configure static server registration in your listener.ora configuration file. Please search for "Configuring Static Service Information" (in quotes) on the OTN (Oracle Technology Network) documentation search page for the version of the database you are using for details on configuring this static service.
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You can locate the Excel Table that contains the source data by following these steps: 1. Select a cell in the pivot table, and on the Ribbon, click the Options tab. 2. In the Data group, click the upper section of the Change Data Source command. 3. In the Change PivotTable Data Source dialog box, you can see the source table or range in the Table/Range box. This may be a table name, such as Sales_East or a worksheet reference, such as Sales_East!$A$1:$O$500
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Use the Task class.
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This is the part of the Listing 6-5 statement that creates a new object. We use the new operator, followed by name of the class we want to use as a blueprint, along with the inputs we have specified in the class constructor. We defined two parameters in our constructor, and we have to provide values for them now. If we had defined a constructor that had no parameters or we had chosen to let the C# compiler create the default constructor for us, we would have been able to create a new object like this, without parameters:
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To retrieve an attribute from an XElement node, use the Attribute method, supplying the name of the attribute as the parameter. The following code creates an XML tree with a node with two attributes color and size. It then retrieves the values of the attributes and displays them. static void Main( ) { XDocument xd = new XDocument( new XElement("root", new XAttribute("color", "red"), new XAttribute("size", "large"), new XElement("first") ) ); Console.WriteLine(xd); Console.WriteLine(); XElement rt = xd.Element("root"); XAttribute color = rt.Attribute("color"); XAttribute size = rt.Attribute("size"); Console.WriteLine("color is {0}", color.Value); Console.WriteLine("size is {0}", size.Value); } This code produces the following output: <root color="red" size="large"> <first /> </root> color is red size is large
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Resource Maintenance
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Resetting All Your Icon Locations (Factory Defaults)
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Figure 3-4. The second screen in creating a new workflow is used to supply metadata for the specific workflow instance.
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Complex data types with several properties, as shown in Listing 12-13, or data types without a Parse method can also be configured as component properties per XML. Listing 12-13. A Class with a Complex Property using System; using Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator; namespace ConfigurationSampleEmulator { public class MyClass { public bool B; private int i;
When you take advantage of the .NET features described in this chapter the memory management, the use of assemblies, type-safety, and so on the runtime is said to manage your code execution. This is often referred to as managed execution. Your code is said to be managed code. Everything you do in this book is managed code. However, .NET supports unmanaged execution as well. You can choose to go off the managed reservation and do your own thing with memory pointers, native Windows API calls, and explicit memory management. Using unmanaged code is a risky business. The nice and shiny .NET managed features are there to make your life simpler and your code better. But if you need the absolute highest performance, or if you need to access a custom hardware device or some legacy C or C++ code in an old DLL, then unmanaged code can be useful. I mention unmanaged code for completeness; it is a term you will often see in descriptions of .NET. I don t explain how to use unmanaged code in this book since it is a very advanced topic which is prone to creating errors and bugs. For your purposes, what s interesting about the unmanaged support is that it is used extensively in the .NET Framework Class Library to create some very rich features that you can use in managed code. For example, the classes responsible for networking in the library have to work extensively with the native networking features of Windows. These are C APIs that don t offer the convenience and protection of the managed features. The .NET classes act as wrappers around this functionality and, in effect, act as mediators between the happy world of managed code and the minefield of unmanaged code. (As an aside, I cover the .NET support for networking in 21).
Step 4: Implement the Interface in the Web Service Code-Behind File
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