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CHAPTER 4: Outpost
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For example, the following code shows class MyClass, with a nested class called MyCounter. class MyClass { class MyCounter { ... } ... } // Enclosing class // Nested class
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Note The two classes Microsoft.SPOT.Debug and Microsoft.SPOT.Trace are in the assembly
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<Employees> <Employee> <Name>Bob Smith</Name> <PhoneNumber>408-555-1000</PhoneNumber> <CellPhone /> </Employee> <Employee> <Name>Sally Jones</Name> <PhoneNumber>415-555-2000</PhoneNumber> <PhoneNumber>415-555-2001</PhoneNumber> </Employee> </Employees> Figure 21-13 illustrates the hierarchical structure of the sample XML tree.
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The SocketAsyncEventArgs Class
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The RS232 Serial Port
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To configure CSLA .NET to use the NDCS you must add an element to the appSettings of your app.config or web.config file: < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <configuration> <appSettings> <add key="CslaAuthentication" value="Csla" /> <add key="CslaSerializationFormatter" value="NetDataContractSerializer"/> This will cause both the clone and n-level undo implementations in CSLA .NET to use NDCS. The result is that you can use the DataContract attribute instead of or in combination with the Serializable attribute in your business classes.
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Similarly, reference type constraints are specified using ref class in the constraint clause, as in Listing 11-17. Listing 11-17. Using ref class // refclass_constraint.cpp generic <typename Z> where Z : ref class ref class G { /* ... */ } As an example of when this might be useful, consider a class that uses a lot of assignment expressions. You might want to create a version optimized for reference semantics and one that is optimized for value semantics. The two versions would be different types with unique names, for example, Gref and Gvalue.
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