birt barcode extension Figure 10-2. Depiction of a low HWM in Objective-C

Generating barcode data matrix in Objective-C Figure 10-2. Depiction of a low HWM

IsNew is True; IsDirty is True; IsDeleted is False IsNew is False; IsDirty is False; IsDeleted is False IsNew is False; IsDirty is False; IsDeleted is False IsNew is False; IsDirty is False; IsDeleted is False IsNew is True; IsDirty is True; IsDeleted is False Not applicable; object not returned
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It will create a new session using the current connection, if the secondary session does not already exist. It will ask this new session to query the V$SESSTAT view to remember the initial statistics values for the session in which we will run the DML. This is very similar to the function the watch_stat.sql script performed for us in 4, Memory Structures. It will run the DML operation in the original session. Upon completion of that DML statement, SQL*Plus will request the other session to query V$SESSTAT again and produce the report displayed previously showing the difference in the statistics for the session that executed the DML.
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private void AssignSecurityContextToken( StockTraderServiceWse serviceProxy, SecurityContextToken sct) { // Use the security context token to sign and encrypt // a request to the Web service SoapContext requestContext = serviceProxy.RequestSoapContext; requestContext.Security.Tokens.Add( sct ); requestContext.Security.Elements.Add( new MessageSignature( sct ) ); requestContext.Security.Elements.Add( new EncryptedData( sct ) ); }
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It s inside the loop where the real work occurs. The first step is to get a list of all the fields corresponding to the current class: // get the list of fields in this type fields = currentType.GetFields( BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.Public); It doesn t matter whether the fields are public they all need to be recorded regardless of scope. What s more important is to only record instance fields, not those declared as static. The result of this call is an array of FieldInfo objects, each of which corresponds to a field in the business object.
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{Saturday=7, Monday=2, Wednesday=4, Sunday=1, Friday=6, Tuesday=3, Thursday=5}
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public void Dispose() { // Do not change this code. // Put cleanup code in Dispose(bool disposing) above Dispose(true); GC.SuppressFinalize(this); } } When a StatusBusy object is created, it sets the status text and mouse cursor, storing the old values for later use: _oldStatus = MainForm.Instance.StatusLabel.Text; MainForm.Instance.StatusLabel.Text = statusText; _oldCursor = MainForm.Instance.Cursor; MainForm.Instance.Cursor = Cursors.WaitCursor; Then, when the object is disposed, the status text and cursor are reset to their previous values: MainForm.Instance.StatusLabel.Text = _oldStatus; MainForm.Instance.Cursor = _oldCursor; This is one of the simplest ways to implement powerful status notification and cursor handling for the user in a Windows Forms UI.
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Load-Time Dependencies to CRT DLLs
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Access Modifiers on Accessors
Even if I could accept a uniform font style, the problem of varying sentence length would still have been an issue. Leaving room for three lines of text looks silly when only one is being used (see Figure 7-8). In theory, I could have varied the height of a UITextView according to the length of the text to go inside, and varied the placement based on the heights of the other UITextViews above it, but why bother if the font style was still going to be a problem
The Roles object is an editable root collection that contains a list of editable child Role objects. Each Role object is an editable child, and so it is very similar in structure to ProjectResource and ResourceAssignment. The design decision that makes this object unique and interesting is that its key value, Id, is a user-entered value. Unlike Project (in which the value is automatically generated by the object) or Resource (in which the value is generated by the database), this object s key value must be directly entered by the user. From a data access perspective, this isn t overly complex. The Roles table views the Id column as a primary key, so it already ensures that duplicate values aren t allowed in the database. Of course, sending the object all the way to the database to find out about a validation rule being violated is wasteful. It is far better to detect the condition as soon as a duplicate key value is entered. Additionally, the user shouldn t have to guess to find an appropriate value when adding a new role to the application. When a new Role object is created, it can set its Id property to an appropriate default value.
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