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s Note The example web services implemented later in this chapter are a mix of both approaches. They are not intended to convince you to mix the world-views, but rather they are intended to show you how to implement either approach. barcode generation code
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Client-Side Proxies
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Event Table Validity Rules
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Once you have initialized your render target, you can set it as the active render target in your Draw method using the following line. Anything you render after this line will be rendered onto your custom render target: device.SetRenderTarget(0, renderTarget); You should place this line before the Clear call in your Draw method, because the contents of your render target need to be cleared before you render anything to it. Next, you render the whole scene, and after all rendering has been finished, you want to copy the contents of the render target into a texture. Before you can do this, though, you need to deactivate it by activating another render target. In this code, you activate the back buffer as the render target by specifying null as the second argument: device.SetRenderTarget(0, null); Texture2D resolvedTexture = renderTarget.GetTexture(); Since you ve activated the default back buffer, anything you render from now on will be rendered to the screen as usual. In addition, the last line loads the contents you ve rendered to the custom render target into the resolvedTexture variable.
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Figure 19-3. Selecting file dump options
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Service Composition: The wide array of specifications in the WS-I Basic Profile cannot be implemented in every Web service. Developers must pick and choose which specifications are important for a particular Web service. To enable this, Web services supports service composition, which allows developers to selectively pick specifications and to aggregate them and record them in the WSDL document.
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Form Form Control Form Control Form Control
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Figure 5-2. WSE 2.0 Setup Option screen WSE 2.0 is a package of QuickStart sample applications and documentation that show you how to use the various classes in the WSE assembly. But the engine of WSE 2.0 is a single assembly called Microsoft.Web.Services2.dll, which is installed by default under C:\Program Files\Microsoft WSE\v2.0. In addition, this assembly gets automatically registered in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).
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The last step in this demonstration of the Flyweight pattern is to have FlyweightBuilder instantiate some types based on a descriptor. Following is the related NUnit test code: [TestFixture] public class TestFlyweight { [Test] public void TestSimple() { IFlyweightCollection< ITestFlyweight, string> var = FlyweightBuilder.Instantiate(); ITestFlyweight var1 = var.GetItem( "TestFlyweightA"); ITestFlyweight var2 = var.GetItem( "TestFlyweightB");
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