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Adding the Visual State Group
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A Hybrid Approach to Encryption
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The Conditional attribute allows you to either include or exclude all the invocations of a particular method. To use the Conditional attribute, apply it to the method declaration, along with a compilation symbol as a parameter. If the compilation symbol is defined, the compiler will include the code for all the invocations of the method, the way it would for any normal method. If the compilation symbol is not defined, the compiler will omit all the method invocations, throughout the code. The CIL code for the method itself is always included in the assembly. It is just the invocations that are included or omitted. For example, in the following code, the Conditional attribute is applied to the declaration of a method called TraceMessage. The attribute has a single parameter, which is the string DoTrace. When the compiler is compiling the code, it will check whether there is a compilation symbol named DoTrace defined. If DoTrace is defined, the compiler will include all the calls to method TraceMessage, as usual. If there is no DoTrace compilation symbol defined, it will not output code for any of the calls to TraceMessage.
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Figure 1-12. A constructed example of the easy solution
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Integer type literals can also be written in hexadecimal (hex) form. The digits must be the hex digits (0 through F), and the string must be prefaced with either 0x or 0X (numeral 0, letter x). The integer literal formats are shown in Figure 8-1. Components with names in square brackets are optional.
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ITrackStatus Interface
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1. Open Blend 4. 2. Click File
Let s start with defining the skeleton to develop a DLR-based Silverlight application using the Just-Text Approach.
Figure 10-1. An ASP .NET AJAX-based stock application
COM Automation
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