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Figure 4-5. Context and exception data flow to and from the server
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7521 Ward 7654 Martin 7698 Blake 7900 James 6 rows selected. Again, this is not a thoroughly documented and supported feature. It has a specific functionality for EXP and IMP to work. This is the only environment it is assured to work in. Use it at your own risk, and resist putting it into production code. In fact, if you find you need to use it, then by definition you didn t mean to use a nested table at all! It is the wrong construct for you. Use it for one-off fixes of data or to see what is in the nested table out of curiosity. The supported way to report on the data is to un-nest it like this: ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> select d.deptno, d.dname, emp.* 2 from dept_and_emp D, table(d.emps) emp 3 / This is what you should use in queries and production code.
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A binary expression with a relational or equality operator returns a value of type bool.
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Figure 14-15. Arrays showing covariance
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With Voice Control on your iPod touch, you can do a number of things with your iPOd touch, such as play music and even ask your iPod touch the time. 1. Press and hold the Home button for about two seconds to start Voice Control. 2. Speak your command. We show you the various commands you can speak in the next sections. After you speak your command, the iPod touch will repeat it briefly and execute the command it thought it heard you say.
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All your project files appear in the list on the left. This interface clearly allows you to deploy whatever set of files you need to at a given time. The list on the right is the really exciting piece. You can click the Connect button to see the rich array of deployment target choices (see Figure 3-7).
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Figure 7-1. Create a new Silverlight 4 application named UsingStoryboards. Now that we have our project created, we need some visuals to add behaviors to or do we We could have the background of the application itself change to a new color when the application is loaded. We can do that by applying a ChangePropertyAction Behavior to the LayoutRoot Grid (this is the Grid that is the default content container when a new Silverlight application is created). Let s do that now.
Like the native address-of operator (&), the prefix operator % can be misused. The following code shows an obvious example: FileStream^ GetFile() { FileStream fs("sample.txt", FileMode::Open); return %fs; } This function defines a local FileStream variable and returns the tracking handle wrapped by that variable. When that function returns, the local variable leaves its scope, and the FileStream s Dispose method is called. The tracking handle that is returned to the caller refers to an object that has just been disposed. Accessing an object whose destructor has just been called is obviously not a good idea. This is true for native as well as managed objects. However, access to a destroyed native object typically has more undesired effects than access to a destroyed managed object.
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