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CHAPTER 8: Falling Balls and Gravity Pods
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Figure 3-4. Sign-up made easy
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Additional Information About Structs
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TIP: On a related note, you can lock the maximum volume playable from the iPod app. Go into Settings iPod Volume Limit Lock Volume Limit. We show you how to do this in 9: Playing Music.
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This involves adding servers to the system, and balancing the load of traffic on the system between them. It s sometimes called a Web Farm when it s used for web servers, but scaling out can also be used for an application server. When more than one machine is performing work identical to other machines, the IP representing the farm is virtualized. That is, a load balancer is the first to receive all requests into the system, and that load balancer doles out the request to the servers configured in the Farm. Load balancers can be hardware- or softwarebased. How the load is distributed depends on the algorithm used by load balancer in use. Some take a round robin approach, and just rotate between the servers. Some will poll all of the servers in the Farm, and those responding quickly get hit with more traffic (the idea is to approach equilibrium between the servers over time).
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Figure 5-9. Row labels grouped by week
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The Project class itself has a static method called Exists(), which is public so it can be called from UI code: public static bool Exists(Guid id) { ExistsCommand result; result = DataPortal.Execute<ExistsCommand> (new ExistsCommand(id)); return result.Exists; } While this code is somewhat like other factory methods, it is different in one key way. It creates an instance of an ExistsCommand object, and has the data portal execute the object on the application server: result = DataPortal.Execute<ExistsCommand> (new ExistsCommand(id)); Notice how the id parameter value is used to initialize the ExistsCommand object as it is created. The important thing to understand is that the ExistsCommand object is created and initialized on the client, and then the data portal transfers the object to the server where the object s DataPortal_ Execute() method is run.
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Many databases are designed to use identity columns, where the database is responsible for assigning primary key values to rows of data as they are inserted. While the Guid approach used in Project is somewhat simpler to implement, Resource illustrates how to work with identity columns. The changes are limited to the Data Access region of the code, and in particular the DataPortal_ Insert() method. Where the updateResource stored procedure simply returns the updated timestamp for the row, addResource also returns the newly created identity value: SELECT Id, LastChanged FROM Resources WHERE Id=SCOPE_IDENTITY() This means DataPortal_Insert() needs to retrieve that value and update the object s _id field: [Transactional(TransactionalTypes.TransactionScope)] protected override void DataPortal_Insert() { using (SqlConnection cn = new SqlConnection(Database.PTrackerConnection)) { cn.Open(); using (SqlCommand cm = cn.CreateCommand()) { cm.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure; cm.CommandText = "addResource"; cm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@id", _id); cm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@lastName", _lastName); cm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@firstName", _firstName); SqlParameter param = new SqlParameter("@newId",SqlDbType.Int); param.Direction = ParameterDirection.Output; cm.Parameters.Add(param);
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Adjusting the Brightness
Factory Methods
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