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Development Data Matrix ECC200 in Objective-C REDO AND UNDO

Table 12-6. Table of All Container Types
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(true, true) (true, false) (true, true)
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NOTE: You will only see the Sent and Trash folders if you have actually sent or deleted email from that account on the iPod touch. If your email account is an IMAP account, you may see many folders other than those described in this chapter.
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A class can have more than one indexer, as long as the parameter lists are different. It is not sufficient for the indexer type to be different. This is called indexer overloading, because all the indexers have the same name the this access reference. For example, the following class has three indexers: two of type string, and one of type int. Of the two indexers of type string, one has a single int parameter and the other has two int parameters. class MyClass { public string this [ int index ] { get { ... } set { ... } } public string this [ int index1, int index2 ] { get { ... } set { ... } } public int this [ float index1 ] { get { ... } set { ... } } ... }
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Note You can find the oscillator component in the OscillatorComponent component library project. Also an emulator configured for using this component can be found in the OscillatorSampleEmulator project. The library assembly with the component must be either in the same directory as the emulator or in the GAC.
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using System; class Listing 08 { static void Main(string[] args) { int x = 0; do { // write out a message Console.WriteLine("Iteration for value: {0}", x); // increment the local variable x++; } while (x < 5); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } Figure 4-19 shows the do...while loop in Listing 4-8.
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BizTalk Server Configuration
At this point, we re a third of the way through implementing n-level undo support. It is now possible to create a stack of snapshots of an object s data. It is time to move on and discuss the undo and accept operations.
Left shift
First, it s important to recognize that the key classes in the framework are those that business developers will use as they create business objects, but that these are a small subset of what s available. In fact, many of the framework classes are never used directly by business developers. Figure 2-10 shows only those classes the business developer will typically use.
The SOAP Standard
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