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This method sends a message to the receiver in asynchronous mode. This property gets the domain information of the LocalMessageReceiver for sending messages. This property gets the name of the LocalMessageReceiver for sending messages. This event is raised when the message is successfully sent to the LocalMessageReceiver.
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1. Open a Visual Studio 2005 command prompt (there should be an icon for this under Start All Programs Visual Studio 2005 Visual Studio Tools). 2. In the Command window, navigate to your solution folder. 3. Run the following command: xsd initformschema.xsd /c. The XSD utility will whir and pop for a few seconds and then be complete. After a momentary victory dance around your chair, it s time to repeat the process for the other schema file (taskformschema.xsd) and then continue. Back in Visual Studio, add your newly created class files to your project (the new class files are going to be listed under their corresponding XSD files). If you open them to take a look, you ll see that they are made up essentially of just properties one for each data point we collect on our form. With those in place, we can use them in our code. Open the MarketingCampaign.cs file in Visual Studio. While we were configuring the properties for our activities, an onWorkflowActivated property was automatically generated for us when we set the Invoked property of the onWorkflowActivated1 activity. Find this method now in the code-behind file and add the code from Listing 7-4 the body of the method. Listing 7-4. Using XML Serialization to Retrieve Our Form Values XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(InitForm)); XmlTextReader rdrInitForm = new XmlTextReader(new System.IO.StringReader (workflowProperties.InitiationData)); InitForm frmInit = (InitForm)serializer.Deserialize(rdrInitForm); sTrafficCoordinator = @"kcd\" + frmInit.trafficcoordinator; sMarketingDirectorEMail = frmInit.marketingdirectoremail; At a high level, this code uses the XML contents of the InitiationData property to create an instance of the InitForm object. The deserialization process maps the values from the XML elements trafficcoordinator and marketingdirectoremail to properties of the InitForm object. Those values are then available to us from there. As mentioned earlier, this process could be handled with manual parsing of the XML but this strategy is much simpler. Unless you need some unique handling, I strongly recommend this approach. Now that we have the values from our initiation form, we can use them to deliver the functionality we need: sending an email and assigning a task. First we ll cover the email. Like the onWorkflowActivated method, Visual Studio also creates an onSendEmail method for us as we set the properties of the SendEmail activity. If you recall from Table 7-2, we set all of the standard email properties except To and Body. The onSendEmail method is called when the activity begins executing but before it attempts to send the email, so it is the perfect place to finish setting these values. From the initiation form, we have the email address of the person we need to send an email to the regional marketing director in the sMarketingDirectorEMail variable. As I said before, in a real application we would have collected the name of the marketing director and performed a lookup to retrieve their email address, but for this walkthrough we re keeping non-workflow-related tasks as simple as possible. Setting the To property of our SendEmail activity is a simple matter of assigning the value of sMarketingDirectorEMail to it, like this:
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5. Now click the MouseLeave State and start recording what will occur when the mouse leaves
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Now that you ve created your AJAX-enabled web site, you will create your own JavaScript file that defines a namespace, which contains the class definition for a car. As you will see in the next few sections, the AJAX Library brings object-oriented programming (OOP) to JavaScript by providing namespaces, inheritance, interfaces, and other features. If you are familiar with the OO paradigm, then the advantages are obvious. If not, you will start to see how namespaces and inheritance make code simpler to write, debug, and understand. To create the JavaScript file, right-click the project within Solution Explorer, and click on Add New Item (see Figure 3-3).
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objects. Root objects are objects that can be retrieved directly from and updated or deleted within the database. Child objects can only be retrieved or updated in the context of their parent object.
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This property returns the number of characters in the current string. This property copies the contents of the current string to a char array.
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You also need to add the additional reference Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.Design to the program to create a new map view. include Microsoft::Maps::MapControl::Design
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Raising PropertyChanged in BusinessBase
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3.24. Using Formulas: Calculated Field Count of Unique Items
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