tname||cname,0,null from col--" USER_PWPW..... USER_PWUNAME..... There we go, we know the column names. Now that we know the table names and the column names of tables in that schema, we can change the NLS_DATE_FORMAT one more time to query that table not the dictionary tables. So the malicious user can next do the following: scott%ORA11GR2> alter session set 2 nls_date_format = """"union select uname,0,null from user_pw--""; Session altered. scott%ORA11GR2> exec ops$tkyte.inj( sysdate ) select * from all_users where created = ""union select uname,0,null from user_pw--" TKYTE..... PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. scott%ORA11GR2> alter session set 2 nls_date_format = """"union select pw,0,null from user_pw--""; Session altered. scott%ORA11GR2> exec ops$tkyte.inj( sysdate ) select * from all_users where created = ""union select pw,0,null from user_pw--" TOP SECRET..... PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. And there we go that evil developer/user now has your sensitive username and password information. How could you have protected yourself By using bind variables. For example: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> create or replace procedure NOT_inj( p_date in date ) 2 as 3 l_rec all_users%rowtype; 4 c sys_refcursor; 5 l_query long; 6 begin 7 l_query := " 8 select * 9 from all_users 10 where created = :x"; 11 12 dbms_output.put_line( l_query ); 13 open c for l_query USING P_DATE; 14 15 for i in 1 .. 5
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The regular World, View, and Projection matrices are set, as well as the xMirrorView matrix and the xMirrorTexture containing the scene as seen by the mirror. The two triangles of the rectangle are drawn as a TriangleStrip. You ll need to have imported the .fx file into your XNA project and to have linked it to the mirrorEffect variable.
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Your trace file analyzer output will often show that most of the time consumed by a poorly executing SQL statement is spent in the execution and/or fetch phases. When that s the case, there are many potential root problems. The following subsections detail different paths of investigation you should consider.
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Creating and Using TimeSpan Values
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Implementing the Object Pool Collection
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public IEnumerator GetEnumerator() { foreach( int value in _list) { if( _predicate( value)) { yield return value; } } } } The class IntegerData implements the IEnumerable method, which requires implementation of the GetEnumerator method. The constructor has a single parameter that represents the predicate delegate DelegatePredicate. The method Add adds integer values to the collection data member _list. The GetEnumerator method deserves closer attention in that instead of just returning the value of _list.GetEnumerator, the list is iterated using a foreach loop. Then the predicate _predicate is called, and if a value of true is returned, the yield statement returns the variable value to the client. Here is an example of client code that provides a predicate delegate: IntegerData data = new IntegerData( delegate( int value) { if( value > 10) { return true; } else { return false; } }); data.Add( data.Add( data.Add( data.Add( 1); 5); 15); 20);
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The I2cBus class is a component collection that contains and manages emulator components of the I2cDevice type. It inherits from the ComponentCollection class and has the members represented in Listing 13-23. Listing 13-23. The Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.I2c.I2cBus Class using Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator; using System; using System.Reflection; namespace Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.I2c { public class I2cBus : EmulatorComponentCollection { public I2cBus(); public I2cDevice this[byte address] { get; } public override void Register(EmulatorComponent ec); public override void Unregister(EmulatorComponent ec); } } The I2cBus class manages the containing components based on their bus addresses. You can address and obtain the containing devices with the indexer of the class by specifying their bus addresses. If a device with the queried address does not exist, an exception is thrown. You do not need to assign a unique ID to the I2cBus component in the configuration file. The emulator class possesses the I2cBus property of the I2cBus type, via which you can address the class in the program code directly. Therefore, you can omit obtaining the component with the FindComponentById method of the emulator class. You should address I2C devices over their IDs with the FindComponentById method and not obtain them by their addresses with the I2cBus component. If you do so, your emulator code is independent of the address configuration, and porting the emulator to a new hardware platform requires you to only change the configuration file.
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Creating the Event Source
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Well, that s it. Now comes the big moment time for the rubber to meet the road. Fire up a browser and navigate to your document library. Click the New button and confirm that you really want to open this file from the server. Wait a few seconds for Word to open your new document and bask in the glory of nothing. Remember, if this is a new document it is not associated with a document library so there is no
An abstract member is a function member that is designed to be overridden. An abstract member has the following characteristics: It is marked with the abstract modifier. It doesn t have an implementation code block. The code blocks of abstract members are represented by semicolons.
// Fine, since the value of IntVal1 // was set in the previous line.
as we focus on larger issues of architecture and design in an n-tiered application. You can find feature-level coverage in Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 in C# by Matthew MacDonald (Apress, 2005).
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