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Most applications will have some editable child objects, or even grandchild objects. Examples of these include the ProjectResource and ResourceAssignment objects. In many cases, the child objects are contained within a child collection object, which I ll discuss later. In other cases, the child object might be referenced directly by the parent object. Either way, the basic structure of a child object is the same; in some ways, this template is very similar to the editable root: [Serializable()] class EditableChild : BusinessBase<EditableChild> { #region Business Methods // TODO: add your own fields, properties and methods private int _id; public int id { get { CanReadProperty(true); return _id; } set { CanWriteProperty(true); if (_id != value) { _id = value; PropertyHasChanged(); } } }
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Let s create an example demonstrating the dynamic generation of the image by taking snapshots to generate thumbnails from the running video, and then create a transform to generate reflection of the generated image. We will use the WriteableBitmap class to achieve this functionality. Create a regular Silverlight 4 application project MediaIntegration and add a user control named WriteableBitmapDemonstration. Then create a folder named Resources under the project, and add the Windows 7 sample video file Wildlife.wmv under the Resources folder, setting the BuildAction property to Resource. Now you are all set to use this video with your application. At the end of this exercise, you
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The most serious problem with the commit before the logical transaction is over approach is the fact that it frequently leaves your database in an unknown state if the UPDATE fails halfway through. Unless you planned for this ahead of time, it is very hard to restart the failed process, allowing it to pick up where it left off. For example, say we were not applying the LOWER() function to the column, as in the previous example, but rather some other function of the column, such as last_ddl_time = last_ddl_time + 1; If we halted the UPDATE loop partway through, how would we restart it We could not just rerun it, as we would end up adding 2 to some dates, and 1 to others. If we fail again, we would add 3 to some, 2 to others, 1 to the rest, and so on. We need yet more complex logic some way to partition the data. For example, we could process every OBJECT_NAME that starts with A, and then B, and so on: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> create table to_do 2 as 3 select distinct substr( object_name, 1,1 ) first_char 4 from T 5 / Table created. ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> begin 2 for x in ( select * from to_do ) 3 loop 4 update t set last_ddl_time = last_ddl_time+1 5 where object_name like x.first_char || "%"; 6 7 dbms_output.put_line( sql%rowcount || " rows updated" ); 8 delete from to_do where first_char = x.first_char; 9 10 commit; 11 end loop; 12 end; 13 / 1270 rows updated
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It is very important that you understand that all the data binding and business functionality covered in this chapter works exactly the same with regular forms as it does with user controls. I am using user controls in this chapter because I think it is a best practice for Windows Forms UI design, but this has no impact on the way data binding is used to create the UI against the business objects created in 8. The user control approach taken in this chapter gives you a great deal of flexibility. You can host the user controls, as shown in this chapter, you can host them in child forms in an MDI interface, or you can host them in panes in a multipane interface. In short, by creating your forms as user controls, you gain the flexibility to use them in many different types of UI design.
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When supplied with the code for MyTimerClass, this code produces the following output: Class Class Class Class A B A B handler handler handler handler called called called called
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The Case of the Missing Deployment
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Figure 19-1. The IL disassembler in graphical mode The tree leaf MANIFEST corresponds to all module-level information, including manifest metadata, module metadata, and v-table fixups. Each tree node representing a type has special leaves providing information about the type: a class leaf, an extends leaf (if the type is derived from another type), and one implements leaf for each interface the type implements. Double-clicking a class leaf displays a disassembly window containing full class information except for the disassembly of the class members. Double-clicking an extends leaf or an implements leaf moves the cursor in the tree view to the respective class or interface if it is defined in the current module. The disassembler provides numerous viewing options that allow you to control the disassembly text presentation. In graphical mode, these options appear in the View menu, as shown in Figure 19-2. The module opened in ILDASM s graphical mode can be dumped to a file but not to a console window. To dump the module to a file, choose File Dump, set the dump options as shown in Figure 19-3, and click OK. In the Save As dialog box displayed, specify a directory and the name of an output file. To dump a text representation of the fully expanded tree view to a specified file, choose File DumpTree.
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