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In ASP .NET, the aspx file containing your markup is transformed into a class definition at runtime. This happens the first time a request is made for the page after it s deployed. The generated class is defined as inheriting from the class defined in your page s code-behind file. This class is then compiled, and the compiled class is used to respond to requests for your aspx page from there on. This happens once: the first time a request is made for a page. Subsequent requests reuse the compiled class. A change to the aspx file or an assembly it depends on causes this process to repeat. This means that the markup in an aspx file is actually just an abstraction created for you as a programming convenience! Web developers are familiar with the model of adding serverside tags to markup. It s the model in several web development environments, and since that s what web developers are accustomed to, it s one Microsoft provides with the ASP .NET Framework. However, at runtime, no markup is involved; it s pure binary executable code.
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The ResourceListDataSource is used by the GridView control in AssignView to display a list of resources in the database. It is bound to the ResourceList business object, which is read-only meaning that only the SelectObject event needs to be handled: protected void ResourceListDataSource_SelectObject( object sender, Csla.Web.SelectObjectArgs e) { e.BusinessObject = ProjectTracker.Library.ResourceList.GetResourceList(); } I m making no special effort to cache the results of GetResourceList(), nor does that method do caching on its own. This is intentional. Users will most likely come to ProjectEdit to view a project s details. A relatively small percentage of the time will they opt to assign a new resource to a project so I made a conscious decision here to keep my code simple and just get the list each time it is needed. If it turns out later that users are assigning far more resources than anticipated, and that retrieving ResourceList is a performance bottleneck, then the implementation can be changed to do some caching in the UI, or in ResourceList itself. Either way, I tend to default to implementing simpler code, and only make it more complex when application usage patterns prove that some other solution is required.
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Property Specifies an array of data buffers for use by (IList<ArraySegment<byte>>) ReceiveAsync and SendAsync. This property has precedence over the Buffer property. Number of bytes transferred in socket operation. After a read operation, if this property is 0, it indicates that the remote service has closed the connection. Socket related to this operation. Maximum number of bytes to send/receive. This property is read-only use the SetBuffer method to initialize and possibly place data into this buffer. Valid values from SocketAsyncOperation enumeration are None, Connect, Receive, and Send. This is set to None before one of the asynchronous methods is invoked, and then it is set to the value corresponding to the asynchronous operation. The offset, in bytes, into the Buffer property. This is set via the SetBuffer method. Specifies the remote endpoint used for the ConnectAsync method. This can be IPEndPoint or DNSEndPoint. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing.
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A Constraint for Data Entity Classes Contains Embedded Entity Classes
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