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from the segments in the default and keep pools so they would not cause those blocks to age out of the cache. Note that in the keep and recycle pool descriptions I used the phrase "by convention." There is nothing in place to ensure that you use either the keep pool or the recycle pool in the fashion described. In fact, the three pools manage blocks in a mostly identical fashion; they do not have radically different algorithms for aging or caching blocks. The goal here was to give the DBA the ability to segregate segments to hot, warm, and do not care to cache areas. The theory was that objects in the default pool would be hot enough (i.e., used enough) to warrant staying in the cache all by themselves. The cache would keep them in memory since they were very popular blocks. If you had some segments that were fairly popular but not really hot, these would be considered the warm blocks. These segments blocks could get flushed from the cache to make room for blocks you used infrequently (the do not care to cache blocks). To keep these warm segments" blocks cached, you could do one of the following: Assign these segments to the keep pool, in an attempt to let the warm blocks stay in the buffer cache longer. Assign the do not care to cache segments to the recycle pool, keeping the recycle pool fairly small so as to let the blocks come into the cache and leave the cache rapidly (decrease the overhead of managing them all).
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The readonly keyword offers a variation on the read-only fields created by the const keyword. A readonly field can be assigned a value when it is defined or in a class constructor but is otherwise immutable. Listing 7-14 contains an example. Listing 7-14. Using the readonly Keyword class Product { readonly int unitsPerCrate = 5; public Product(int units) { if (units > 10) { unitsPerCrate = units;
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The Properties window contains new functionality to make it easier to create brushes: 1. 2. To see this, select the window or grid and then go to the Properties window. Select the button next to the background text box and a new color picker dialog will appear, as shown in Figure 15-3 (this color picker window is new).
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Figure 3-11. Calling a method from the base class on the derived class
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The Obsolete Attribute
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All editable business objects should keep track of whether the object has just been created, whether its data has been changed, or whether it has been marked for deletion. Using the validation rules functionality, the object can also keep track of whether it s valid. Table 8-1 lists the object status properties in BusinessBase and BusinessListBase.
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My Own Subjective Opinion
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The best place to start with namespaces is the .NET Framework class library. There are thousands of classes in the library, and these classes provide capabilities that range from the common (the ability to print a message to the console) to the highly specialized (the ability to read metadata from SQL Server 2008) and cover just about everything in between.
Private mExecutionLocation As ExecutionLocations = ExecutionLocations.Client Public ReadOnly Property ExecutionLocation() As ExecutionLocations Get Return mExecutionLocation End Get End Property The value defaults to Client. This is fine, as it should only be set to Server in the case that the Csla.Server.DataPortal class explicitly sets it to Server. Recall that in that DataPortal class there s a SetContext() method that only runs in the case that the server-side components really are running on the server. In that case, it calls the SetExecutionLocation() method on ApplicationContext: Friend Sub SetExecutionLocation(ByVal location As ExecutionLocations) mExecutionLocation = location End Sub This way, the value is set to Server only when the code is known to physically be executing in a separate AppDomain, process, and probably computer, from the client. At this point, you have walked through all the various types and classes used to implement the core mobile object and data access functionality in the framework.
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