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The WS-Addressing specification supports two types of constructs: 1. 2. Message information headers Endpoint references
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Figure 5-17. If you are currently logged out, you are asked to log in.
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New technologies and development paradigms typically come attached with a barrage of new terminology, acronyms, and jargon. SO/A is no exception. To make things even more confusing, some terms are often lazily interchanged despite being different in subtle but important ways. But this is hardly unique to SO/A. In writings about object orientation, for example, the term object is often used where class would be more appropriate, or vice versa. The terms that are most confused in the service space are service orientation (SO) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Service orientation refers to a mindset that centers on the four SO tenets. These principles can drive activities across the entire spectrum of development tasks: architecture, design, requirement gathering, and coding. In contrast, the term Service Oriented Architecture is more specific in that it refers to the activity of developing an architecture or can be used to describe and existing architecture. When the service notion first appeared within the developer world, it was commonly referred to as SOA. The problem with the SOA term, however, is that it implies that service orientation is simply an architectural approach. Therefore, the industry is slowly adopting SO as the generic term and using SOA in the context of discussing architectures.
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Intermediate Class
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Figure 5-2. Flow of events when the user changes the original collection
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The KeyValuePair<TKey, TVal> Structure
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changeSpan will indicate how long a fade-in or fade-out transition takes. Then you need some variables to hold the current state of the menu, the list of menu items, and of course which of the items is currently selected. The changeProgress variable will hold a value between 0 and 1 to indicate how far the fading progress is in case of the Starting or Ending state. The constructor will simply initialize these values:
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but both DLLs are dynamically loaded at runtime No dependency to a CRT DLL No dependency to a CRT DLL
This chapter ends with a bonus section that shows you one possible approach for integrating Web services and message queuing (with MSMQ). We should quickly point out that we are not going to show you how to create an MSMQ custom transport channel. Instead, we are going to discuss how to configure a message queue and then access it from a Web service using the System.Messaging namespace. WSE 3.0 does not implement reliable messaging, nor does it provide any kind of support for managing message delivery. If you want to implement this capability today, you will need to custom build the support infrastructure using MSMQ (or another middleware product such as MQSeries).
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