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Please bear in mind that SQL Azure does not support object browsing from SQL Server Management Studio. To connect to the SQL Azure database in the cloud using SQL Server Management Studio, launch SQL Server Management Studio. Close the Connect to Server dialog box and click the ribbon button New Query as Figure 8-4 shows. This will lead you back to the Connect to Server dialog box again. By clicking the Options button and selecting the Connection Properties tab, you can specify the target custom
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Now, we can simulate a long running process when the button is clicked by pausing the existing thread for four seconds in the event handler of the button:
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Type Definition (Typedef)
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The controls shown in Figure 9-14 were all added using drag-and-drop data binding. The Label and TextBox controls were added by dragging the Project object from the Data Sources window onto the designer, after setting some options in the Data Sources window.
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However, there s no way for the collection object to stop client code from interacting with the child objects themselves. Typically, the items in the collection will expose only read-only properties and methods. If read-write objects are put into the collection, client code will be able to alter their data. A read-only collection only guarantees that objects can t be added or removed from the collection. The child objects may be derived from ReadOnlyBase, but more often they will be simple objects that don t inherit from any CSLA .NET base class. The only requirements for these child objects is that they are implemented with read-only properties and that they are marked as <Serializable()>. The code for a typical read-only collection object looks like this: <Serializable()> _ Public Class ReadOnlyList Inherits ReadOnlyListBase(Of ReadOnlyList, ReadOnlyChild) #Region " Authorization Rules "
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4-11. Use Ray-Traced Collision Detection for Small/Fast Objects
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This section covers some of the common causes of excessive parse time and possible solutions. It is important to note that parsing of a statement does not necessarily need to be performed as part of a PARSE call, but can also be triggered by an EXEC call, if the cursor has been invalidated since the initial parse. This means that you might have parse performance issues although you don t see many PARSE calls in the trace file. The relevant statistics are shown by tkprof as Misses in library cache during parse and Misses in library cache during execute. The number of times shown there represents the number of times the statement required a full parse, including an optimization phase, whereas the
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return true; } } return false; } } Figure 15-2 illustrates the constraint applied to the generic class in Listing 15-12.
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