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External tables, originally introduced in Oracle9i Release 1, gave us the ability to read flat files plain old text files as if they were database tables. We had the full power of SQL to process them. They were read-only and designed to get data from outside Oracle in. External tables in Oracle 10g Release 1 and above can go the other way: they can be used to get data out of the database in the Data Pump format to facilitate moving the data to another machine or another platform. To start this exercise, we ll need a DIRECTORY object, telling Oracle the location to unload to: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR1> create or replace directory tmp as "/tmp" 2 / Directory created. ops$tkyte%ORA11GR1> create table all_objects_unload 2 organization external 3 ( type oracle_datapump 4 default directory TMP 5 location( "allobjects.dat" ) 6 ) 7 as 8 select * from all_objects 9 / Table created. And that literally is all there is to it: we have a file in /tmp named ALLOBJECTS.DAT that contains the contents of the query select * from all_objects. We can peek at this information: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR1> !strings /tmp/allobjects.dat | head "OPS$TKYTE"."U" Linuxi386/Linux-2.0.34-8.1.0 WE8MSWIN1252 001:001:000001:000001 < xml version="1.0" > <ROWSET> <ROW> <STRMTABLE_T> <VERS_MAJOR>1</VERS_MAJOR> That s just the head, or top, of the file. Now, using a binary FTP (same caveat as for a DMP file!), I moved this ALLOBJECTS.DAT file to a Windows server and created a directory object and table to map to it: C:\TEMP>sqlplus tkyte/tkyte SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Wed Jan 20 18:56:45 2010 Copyright (c) 1982, 2008, Oracle. All rights reserved.
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How It Works
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John Papa has demonstrated this enhancement by providing a code snippet of the Twitter integration application, which accesses public Twitter API authenticated by passing the user name and password to retrieve received messages. You can get the entire white paper written by John Papa on new features of Silverlight 4 by visiting
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The Underlying Type of an Enum
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What these do: Provide a cushioned grip, absorb iPod touch bumps and bruises, and isolate the edges of the phone (antennas) from your fingers. Pros: Inexpensive, colorful, and comfortable to hold. Cons: Not as professional as a leather case.
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An anonymous method does not explicitly declare a return type. The behavior of the implementation code itself, however, must match the delegate s return type, by returning a value of that type. If the delegate has a return type of void, then the anonymous method code cannot return a value. For example, in the following code the delegate s return type is int. The implementation code of the anonymous method must therefore return an int on all pathways through the code. Return type of delegate type delegate int OtherDel(int InParam); static void Main() { OtherDel del = delegate(int x) { return x + 20 ; }; ... }
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The Indigo service model provides a wide range of support for service-oriented Web services, including Associating Web methods with incoming service messages Session management for Web services Transaction management for Web services Support for security and policy Support for reliable message exchange Indigo contains built-in support for many of the tasks that are currently handled by Web Services Enhancements 2.0. In a sense, WSE 2.0 is a prerelease of the Indigo service model. Of course, WSE 2.0 is not completely built out, and certain tasks still require you to write manual code. Indigo will integrate the WSE 2.0 functionality in a much tighter way. But there is no better preparation for Indigo than to start working with WSE 2.0 and all of the subsequent releases leading up to the release of Indigo (as part of the Longhorn operating system). Indigo associates Web methods with incoming service messages using a set of declarative attributes. The service model operates in a similar way to .asmx files, which allow you to declaratively mark up methods and to associate them
NOTE: You need to have a separate MLB TV account to be able to watch live games.
Note The Poisson distribution was named for Simeon Denis Poisson, a French mathematician. The usage of the
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