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It is possible for a business developer to accidentally trigger a call to UndoChanges() when there is no state to restore. If this condition isn t caught, it will cause a runtime error. To avoid such a scenario, the first thing the UndoChanges() method does is to get the edit level of the object by retrieving the Count property from the stack object. If the edit level is 0, then there s no state to restore, and UndoChanges() just exits without doing any work. This edit level concept will become even more important later during the implementation of BusinessListBase, and so you ll notice that the value is implemented as a property.
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// Assign 5 to ss1.x and cs1.x // Assign 10 to ss1.y and cs1.y // Assign class instance // Assign struct instance
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void System.ComponentModel.IEditableObject.EndEdit() { if (!_disableIEditableObject && BindingEdit) { ApplyEdit(); } } It checks the two property values to see if it should do any work. If so, it calls the ApplyEdit() method from the n-level undo subsystem, telling n-level undo to discard the most recent snapshot of the object s state the one taken when BeginEdit() was called. At this point, you should understand how IEditableObject is implemented. This interface is used extensively by data binding, and it enables behaviors widely expected by end users of a Windows Forms application.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Id |Operation | Name | Rows | Bytes | Cost (%CPU)| Time | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 0|SELECT STATEMENT | | 4000K| 202M| 202K (1)| 00:40:34 | | 1| TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID| T1 | 4000K| 202M| 202K (1)| 00:40:34 | |* 2| INDEX RANGE SCAN | IND_T1 | 4072K| | 427 (1)| 00:00:06 | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Predicate Information (identified by operation id): --------------------------------------------------2 - access("ID">=1 AND "ID"<=400) The preceding output shows that the Oracle optimizer selected to perform an index range scan using the index, with a calculated cost of about 202,000, because of the adjusted cost for the index access (at 5 percent of its original calculated cost). This resulted in a lower calculated cost for the plan and thus the selection of the new plan. With the KEEP buffer pool cache size set to 6GB, the database instance automatically restricted the default buffer pool cache (used by the table T1 and its index) to approximately 1.3GB, as indicated by the __DB_CACHE_SIZE parameter s value of 1,375,731,712.
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