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configure the C++/CLI project as a DLL. Reference the C++/CLI project from the C# project, and build. Listing 10-8. Wrapping a Nonexception Object // runtimewrappedexception.cs using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using System.Runtime.CompilerServices; class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { try { R.TrySomething(); } catch (RuntimeWrappedException e) { String s = (String)e.WrappedException; Console.WriteLine(e.Message); Console.WriteLine(s); } } } The output of Listing 10-8 is as follows: An object that does not derive from System.Exception has been wrapped in a RuntimeWrappedException. Error that throws string! I do not recommend throwing nonexception objects. Throwing exception objects that all derive from the root of the same exception hierarchy has the advantage in that a catch filter that takes the Exception class will capture all exceptions. If you throw objects that don t fit this scheme, they will pass through those filters. There may be times when that behavior is desired, but most of the time you are introducing the possibility that your nonstandard exception will be erroneously missed, which would have undesired consequences. (The paradox is that a non-Exception exception is an exception to the rule that all exceptions derive from Exception. You can see how confusing it could be.)
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10. Ensure the Model Namespace box is set to Models. 11. Click Finish. 12. Click OK. VS2010 will then generate EF classes for the database and display the design surface (Figure 9-5):
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Figure 3-3. Selecting ASP .NET configuration
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When the configuration is saved, the tool writes out two files. One contains the elements that will be used from your application configuration file. It s basically just a verbose pointer to a file named dataConfiguration.config. This is the file that will be read by the block at runtime. Here s the (slightly abbreviated) configuration file that will be used by the block: < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <dataConfiguration> <xmlSerializerSection type="..."> <enterpriseLibrary.databaseSettings defaultInstance="PubsDatabase" ...> <databaseTypes> <databaseType name="Oracle" type="..." /> <databaseType name="Sql Server" type="..." /> </databaseTypes> <instances> <instance name="PubsDatabase" type="Sql Server" connectionString="pubs" /> </instances> <connectionStrings> <connectionString name="pubs"> <parameters> <parameter name="database" value="pubs" isSensitive="false" /> <parameter name="Integrated Security" value="false" isSensitive="false" /> <parameter name="pwd" value="123123" isSensitive="true" /> <parameter name="uid" value="sa" isSensitive="false" /> <parameter name="server" value="localhost" isSensitive="false" /> </parameters> </connectionString> <connectionString name="Sql Connection String"> <parameters> <parameter name="database" value="database" isSensitive="false" /> <parameter name="Integrated Security" value="True" isSensitive="false" /> <parameter name="server" value="server" isSensitive="false" /> </parameters> </connectionString> </connectionStrings> </enterpriseLibrary.databaseSettings> </xmlSerializerSection> </dataConfiguration>
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Figure 5-17. Defining the access rules for each operation contract respectively
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Figure 9-17. Right-clicking text in Microsoft Word brings up this contextual menu. To show how Silverlight 4 s new Right-click event can be useful, let s try and make our application do something similar to what Word does. To start create an image like I have in Figure 9-17, save it to your hard drive and return to Blend.
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provides evidence of the number of single-block read requests that were satisfied by the memory buffer in the SAN or by the operating system s file cache; block reads that completed in less than 4ms are typically an indication of a read from some form of cache memory. Statistics are collected in this view when the STATISTICS_LEVEL is set to either TYPICAL or ALL. The TIMED_STATISTICS parameter defaults to TRUE when the STATISTICS_LEVEL parameter is set to either TYPICAL or ALL. The TIMED_STATISTICS parameter must be set to TRUE for most performance-monitoring activities. A SQL statement to retrieve the number of physical single-block reads that completed in each time range follows, with partial query output limited because of space constraints. Ideally, the output of the entire SQL statement should be executed and examined: SQL> 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 SELECT FILE# FI, MAX(DECODE(SINGLEBLKRDTIM_MILLI,1,SINGLEBLKRDS,0)) MILLI1, MAX(DECODE(SINGLEBLKRDTIM_MILLI,2,SINGLEBLKRDS,0)) MILLI2, MAX(DECODE(SINGLEBLKRDTIM_MILLI,4,SINGLEBLKRDS,0)) MILLI4, MAX(DECODE(SINGLEBLKRDTIM_MILLI,8,SINGLEBLKRDS,0)) MILLI8, MAX(DECODE(SINGLEBLKRDTIM_MILLI,16,SINGLEBLKRDS,0)) MILLI16, MAX(DECODE(SINGLEBLKRDTIM_MILLI,32,SINGLEBLKRDS,0)) MILLI32, MAX(DECODE(SINGLEBLKRDTIM_MILLI,64,SINGLEBLKRDS,0)) MILLI64, MAX(DECODE(SINGLEBLKRDTIM_MILLI,128,SINGLEBLKRDS,0)) MILLI128, MAX(DECODE(SINGLEBLKRDTIM_MILLI,256,SINGLEBLKRDS,0)) MILLI256, MAX(DECODE(SINGLEBLKRDTIM_MILLI,512,SINGLEBLKRDS,0)) MILLI512, MAX(DECODE(SINGLEBLKRDTIM_MILLI,1024,SINGLEBLKRDS,0)) MILLI1024, MAX(DECODE(SINGLEBLKRDTIM_MILLI,2048,SINGLEBLKRDS,0)) MILLI2048 FROM V$FILE_HISTOGRAM GROUP BY FILE# ORDER BY FILE#;
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While the javax.xml.crypto package offers several packages and isn t that small, there are really just two key tasks here that you need to know how to do: how to sign an XML document, and how to validate that signature. To examine this, you ll create a fictitious SOAP message to be signed and validated. Many of the APIs necessary for the task are standard Java security APIs, not specific to the newer XML digital signature APIs. The basic process of signing is shown in Listing 6-7. You need something to sign, so get a DOM node from a SOAP message, or from some other place. Next, generate the XML signature with the help of a DSA key pair. The last two method calls are the real work to sign and validate. Obviously, in real life you wouldn t do everything at one time however, I believe the tasks are separated out enough so that you can understand things fully and will be able to reuse the pieces in your own programs.
A Short Primer on Generics
IEditableObject Interface
The ItemView control provides several methods (as shown in Table 8-14). Table 8-14. ItemView Methods
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