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Let s take a look at a simple STL program and experiment with how it works in managed code. The code in Listing 12-1 compiles fine with or without the /clr option, showing that there s no problem recompiling your old STL code with the /clr option. Listing 12-1. A Simple STL Program // stl_simple1.cpp #include <list> #include <string> #include <iostream>
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In the CSLA .NET model, business and validation rules are implemented as methods. Each rule is contained in its own method. Rules are then associated with properties of business objects. The BusinessBase class includes code to invoke these rules at appropriate points in the object s lifetime. For example, rules for a property are invoked when that property is changed or when a dependent property is changed. They are also invoked when a new instance of the object is created, and they can be invoked explicitly by your code. Normally, rules are associated with business objects on a per-type basis. This means that all instances of a specific business object type (such as CustomerEdit) will have the same rules associated with the same properties. This is a good thing, because it means that the work of associating the rules to properties is done once for that type, and the information is reused across all instances of the type. That saves both processing time and memory. As an alternative, it is also possible to associate rules with a business object on a per-instance basis. This means that each instance of the business object has its own rules. The associations are set up as the object instance is created, and they are stored in memory for that specific object. Obviously, this can cause performance and memory-consumption issues if you have many instances of a type, so you should avoid this approach as a general rule. CSLA .NET supports this concept, because there are rare cases when rules must vary on a per-instance basis.
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Using Numeric Operators
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Figure 1-4. Your project should look like this in Expression Blend.
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