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The ProjectInfo object is responsible for providing read-only information about a project, while the ResourceInfo object provides read-only information about a resource. By loading the minimum amount of data required to meet these responsibilities, these objects provide a high-performance solution and follow good behavioral object design.
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Inadequate statistics: The statistics have been gathered with too low of a sample size and therefore are not representative. Check the SAMPLE_SIZE column from the object s statistics, and compare it to the NUM_ROWS column. If the sample size is too low, consider regathering the statistics with a larger sample size. Note that the resulting change in statistics will potentially impact many SQL statements and might result in worse performance for some of those SQL statements. Determine whether the index statistics have not been refreshed for example, the CASCADE option of DBMS_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS was set to the value of FALSE. (FALSE was the default prior to the 10.1 release. In 10.1, the default changed to DBMS_STATS.AUTO_CASCADE.) Incorrect index statistics might have a significant impact on execution plans, so consider regathering the index statistics. Outdated statistics: If the tables were last analyzed a long time ago and have undergone significant data changes since the statistics were gathered, consider refreshing the statistics. Starting with release 10.1, the default statistics-gathering job when enabled should take care of objects that have undergone significant changes (more than 10 percent changes or a truncate). However, it might still be necessary to manually gather statistics if data has been modified by bulk processing that is then used immediately after the bulk modification. Manually modified statistics: Check for USER_STATS=YES in the corresponding dictionary views (or the SQLTXPLAIN report). Verify why statistics were manually set by using the DBMS_STATS.SET_*_STATS procedures, and regather statistics if necessary. Usage of rule-based optimizer (RBO): In previous releases of Oracle (pre-10.1), the RBO might be used instead of the cost-based optimizer (CBO) when no statistics have been gathered on the objects involved in the query and the OPTIMIZER_MODE is set to the default value of CHOOSE. Morerecent releases also exhibit the same behavior when the OPTIMIZER_MODE is changed from the default ALL_ROWS to CHOOSE. The RBO might also be forced by using the RULE hint for particular SQL statements or in general by setting the OPTIMIZER_MODE to RULE. Although the RBO might yield deterministic and stable performance for typical OLTP-like queries, the CBO should be used with recent releases of Oracle to take advantage of descending indexes (added in Oracle 8i), functionbased indexes, hash joins, bitmap indexes, and various other features. Using certain features such as ANSI-style joins, partitioned tables/indexes, star joins, index skip scans, and hints might cause an automatic switch to the CBO optimizer. Note that switching from the RBO to the CBO at the instance level (by modifying the OPTIMIZER_MODE parameter or by gathering statistics on objects that previously had no statistics) may have a significant impact on all SQL statements optimized, and therefore requires thorough preparation and testing efforts. Note that the RBO is not supported as of the 10.1 release of Oracle.
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The ambient values include the User and ExecutionLocation properties. Each one is different and is worth discussing.
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The mechanism works, but what good is a menu without a background image Add these two variables to the MenuWindow class: private string menuTitle; private Texture2D backgroundImage; which need to be filled in the Initialize method: public MenuWindow(SpriteFont spriteFont, string menuTitle, Texture2D backgroundImage) { //... this.menuTitle = menuTitle; this.backgroundImage = backgroundImage; }
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function ProcessCar(theCar) { if(AtlasBook.IStickShift.isImplementedBy(theCar)) { alert("Current Car: " + theCar.getMakeandModel() + " This is a good sports car " + " -- I can set the gear with a stick shift."); theCar.setGear(5); alert(theCar.getMakeandModel() + " is now cruising in gear number: " + theCar.getGear()); } else { alert("Current Car: " + theCar.getMakeandModel() + " This is a cheap sports car " + " -- it's an automatic with a sleek body."); } } This function looks at the car that is being passed into it. If it is a real sports car, it implements the IStickShift interface (AtlasBook.IStickShift.isImplementedBy(theCar) returns true), and you know you can call the setGear and getGear methods on it. Otherwise it doesn t, and if you try to call these methods, you ll get an exception. You can see it in action in Figure 3-14.
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Now that I ve addressed the distinction between presentation and UI, the latter s purpose is probably fairly clear. This layer includes the logic to decide what the user sees, the navigation paths, and how to interpret user input. In a Windows Forms application, this is the code behind the form. Actually, it s the code behind the form in a Web Forms application, too, but here it can also include code that resides in server-side controls; logically, that s part of the same layer.
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Indexes, like tables, may be partitioned. There are two possible methods to partition indexes: Equipartition the index with the table: This is also known as a local index. For every table partition, there will be an index partition that indexes just that table partition. All of the entries in a given index partition point to a single table partition, and all of the rows in a single table partition are represented in a single index partition. Partition the index by range or hash: This is also known as a globally partitioned index. Here the index is partitioned by range, or optionally in Oracle 10g and above by hash, and a single index partition may point to any (and all) table partitions.
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Returns the largest value that the type can represent. Returns the smallest value that the type can represent. Parses a numeric value from a string throws an exception if a numeric value cannot be parsed. See the TryParse method for an alternative approach that doesn t throw an exception. Parses a numeric value from a string and places it in the out parameter. Returns true if parsing was successful; returns false and sets the out parameter to false otherwise. The out parameter is of the numeric type. Converts the numeric type to a string using the supplied formatting instructions; see 16 for more information.
You will be prompted to use your location for determining local weather we recommend allowing AccuWeather to do this. The home page of the app shows you the current temperature and conditions with a graphic of what the sky should look like. Like The Weather Channel app, there are soft keys to show different views. The upper level of soft keys at the bottom of the screen shows buttons for Current, Hourly, and 15 Day forecasts. There is also a soft key for Indices. Below that are the main function keys of the app, Weather, Radar, Video, Risk, Alarms, and Alert.
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