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The state object you provided when calling the Begin method is available through the IAsyncResult.AsyncState property. In Listing 25-2, I set the state object to be the name that I wanted to look up in DNS, but you can set the state object to any value which will help you differentiate between the queries you have started. To get the result of the asynchronous method, you call the End method; in this example, the End method is EndGetHostEntry. The return type of the End method is the same type as you would have received had you called the synchronous equivalent; in the case of the EndGetHostEntry method, the return is an IPHost entry. The IAsyncResult that was passed as a parameter to the callback method must be used to call the End method. The callback method in Listing 25-2 uses the state object and the result of the End method to print out the original name and the result from the DNS. The benefit of making queries in this way is that they happen in parallel, as illustrated by Figure 25-3.
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There are many ways to gather application requirements, but in general, you can choose from these three main areas of focus: Data analysis and data flow UI design and storyboarding Business concept and process analysis The first option is the oldest of the three. It s the idea that an application can be designed by understanding the data it requires and how that data must flow through the system. While this approach can work, it isn t ideal when trying to work with object-oriented concepts, because it focuses less on business ideas and more on raw data. It s often a good analysis approach when building applications that follow a data-centric architecture.
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<asp:QueryStringParameter Name="au_id" QueryStringField="id" Type="String" />
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Using the Atlas Script Manager to Deliver Your Custom Class
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Finalizers are not inherited and cannot be virtual. Like destructors, base class finalizers are called when the finalizer for a derived class is called, as in Listing 8-17. Listing 8-17. Calling Finalizers // finalizers_and_inheritance.cpp using namespace System; ref class Base { public: Base() { } ~Base() { Console::WriteLine("~Base"); this->!Base(); } !Base() { Console::WriteLine("!Base"); } }; ref class Derived : Base { public: Derived() { } ~Derived() { Console::WriteLine("~Derived"); this->!Derived(); } !Derived() { Console::WriteLine("!Derived"); } }; void F() { // Use stack semantics to create the object. Derived d; } void G() { // Use the GC heap to create the object. Derived^ dh = gcnew Derived(); // If you want to call the destructor for this object, // call it explicitly here, or delete the handle. } int main() { // Since the destructor gets called, the finalizers // also get called when F goes out of scope. F(); G();
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The application and associated configuration need to be packed up before they can be deployed to the cloud. These packages can be generated from Visual Studio as Figure 9-1 shows. This example can be found in Exercise_4-3 from the download. Select Publish from the context menu by right-clicking on the cloud application solution s node in Solution Explorer.
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Open up ~/App.xaml. Inside the <Application.Resources> block, enter the following: <Style x:Key="MyStyle" TargetType="TextBlock"> <Setter Property="FontFamily" Value="Comic Sans MS"/> <Setter Property="FontSize" Value="54"/> <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="#FF0000FF"/> </Style>
Obviously you will want to configure your application to run at your own domain name. At the time of writing there was no easy facility to do this (apart from by domain forwarding), so please consult the Azure online documentation for details of how to do this.
Many of the List<T> methods for finding items use predicates, so you can provide arbitrary conditions for your searches. As a reminder, a Predicate<T> is a specialized form of delegate that receives an instance of T as an argument and returns true if the conditions defined by the predicate are met. You can
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