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In VS2010 you can now open the Properties window, click the Sort by property source button (the third one along),and you will find the properties that you just defined appear at the top of the list (see Figure 15-1).
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The UdpAnySourceMulticastClient class enables implementation of many-to-many communication, allowing multiple sources from the same group to send data packets to group clients, which is also known as Any Source Multicast (ASM) or Internet Standard Multicast (ISM). You can implement serverless multicast streaming by having any peer(s) as the source to implement peer-to-peer communication. ASM is used for the group conferencing feature. Since multiple senders are sending packets at the same time, the quality of service may be compromised due to possible data stream interference. Using this
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Gets the number of dimensions of the array Gets the total number of elements in all the dimensions of the array Returns the length of a particular dimension of the array Sets a range of elements to 0 or null Sorts the elements in a one-dimensional array Searches a one-dimensional array for a value, using binary search Performs a shallow copy of the array copying only the elements, both for arrays of value types and reference types Returns the index of the first occurrence of a value in a one-dimensional array Reverses the order of the elements of a range of a onedimensional array Gets the upper bound at the specified dimension
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The data section (.sdata) of an image file generated by the IL assembler is a read/write section. It contains data constants, the v-table described in the V-Table section, the unmanaged export table, and the thread local storage directory structure. The data declared as thread-specific is located in a different section, the .tls section.
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So what does this all mean Basically, it means that you, as the developer, must decide what tool you need given the requirement of the RIA you are developing. In some cases, the tool will be Silverlight, and in others, it will be Flash.
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3.26. Using Formulas: Listing All Formulas
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Constraining Multiple Parameterized Types
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Another situation where it is vital that you understand read consistency and multi-versioning is when you are faced with a query that in production, under a heavy load, uses many more I/Os than you observe in your test or development systems, and you have no way to account for it. You review the I/O performed by the query and note that it is much higher than you have ever seen much higher than seems possible. You restore the production instance on test and discover that the I/O is way down. But in production, it is still very high (but seems to vary: sometimes it is high, sometimes it is low, and sometimes it is in the middle). The reason, as we ll see, is that in your test system, in isolation, you do not have to undo other transactions changes. In production, however, when you read a given block, you might have to undo (roll back) the changes of many transactions, and each rollback could involve I/O to retrieve the undo and apply it. This is probably a query against a table that has many concurrent modifications taking place; you are seeing the reads to the undo segment taking place, the work that Oracle is performing to restore the block back the way it was when your query began. You can see the effects of this easily in a single session, just to understand what is happening. We ll start with a very small table:
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PTracker Database
In the dynamic approach, it s possible to string together different implementations and have the user retrieve the extension using an indirect typecast. The UML diagram in Figure 6-6 illustrates how to implement the Dynamic Extension pattern.
The PivotTable Field List lets you change the pivot chart layout, and the PivotChart Filter pane lets you filter the fields in the pivot chart. Using the PivotTable Field List The PivotTable Field List can be visible or hidden when a pivot chart is active. Use it to move fields in and out of the chart layout, or to a different area of the pivot chart layout. When the pivot chart is active, two of the area names change, to match the areas in the chart: The Column Labels area changes to the Legend Fields (Series) area. The Row Labels area becomes the Axis Fields (Categories) area. Move fields from one area of the PivotTable Field List to another, or add or remove fields from the pivot table layout. This changes the chart s appearance, as well as the pivot table on which the pivot chart is based. Using the PivotChart Filter Pane The PivotChart Filter pane (see Figure 10-4) enables you to filter the fields in the pivot chart s Report Filter, Axis Fields (Categories), or Legend Fields (Series) areas. You can also use it to sort the axis fields and legend fields.
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