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User Interfaces for Emulators
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Private Shared _propertyDescriptors
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There are a number of commands you can use with your iPod touch to control music, tell you the time, and more. TIP: If you have your iPod touch inside a protective case and you are having trouble with Voice Control, make sure your case is not interfering with the microphone on the iPod touch. Try removing the case and using Voice Control; see if the iPod touch without the case works better than with it.
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Figure 18-3. Indirect referencing of v-table entries from the EAT
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2.4 GHz 7 (generally, 2 are used)
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This is a new page-level event. It fires before any Load event fires anywhere in the control tree or Page object graph. It provides a place from the page to do any setup needed in loading of controls on the page. It s also guaranteed to fire after everything in the control tree is initialized.
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There are two types of clauses that make up the section the select clause and the clause. While the clauses that precede the section specify the data sources and which objects to choose, the section does the following: The select clause specifies which parts of the chosen objects should be selected. It can specify any of the following: The entire data item A field from the data item A new object comprising several fields from the data item (or any other value, for that matter).
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