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Start by right-clicking the Silverlight project in the Solution Explorer (the one called SwimCalculator if you followed my example), and select Add New Item from the pop-up menu. Select the Silverlight Child Window template, and give the item the name ErrorWindow.xaml, as shown in Figure 35-14.
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A SHORT_STACK dump shows the process stack for the attached process, output directly to the SQL*Plus screen. It may be necessary to execute the SHORT_STACK dump multiple times to determine the status of the process through the use of the process stack traces. With the help of Metalink Doc ID 175982.1 ORA600 Lookup Error Categories, it is possible to decode portions of the SHORT_STACK output to determine the session s current status. Initiate a SHORT_STACK dump for a process after connecting to the process as demonstrated here: SQL> ORADEBUG SETORAPID 26 Oracle pid: 26, Windows thread id: 836, image: ORACLE.EXE (SHAD) SQL> ORADEBUG SHORT_STACK When a Windows session is sitting idle, a SHORT_STACK dump for that session s process might look like the following, with the thread creation at the end of the output and the current processing located
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I want to highlight two other changes (that probably will not affect the majority of developers): Allow Partially Trusted Callers Attribute (APTCA) allows code that is partially trusted (for example, web sites) to call a fully trusted assembly and has a new constructor that allows the specification of visibility with the PartialTrustVisibilityLevel enumeration. A new base class called Evidence has been introduced for all objects to be used that all evidence will derive from. This class ensures that an evidence object is not null and is serializable. A new method has also been added to the evidence list, enabling querying of specific types of evidence rather than iterating through the collection.
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Given that DataContract and Serializable provide the same functionality, though with an opt-in or opt-out philosophy, the obvious question is when to use each option. Or to be blunt: when should anyone use DataContract In general, I don t recommend switching from Serializable to DataContract. For most business objects, the desired behavior is to include all fields when an object is serialized, and so the opt-out model used by Serializable is better. If you use the opt-in model of DataContract, it is too easy to forget to put the DataMember attribute on a field, in which case that field is ignored when the object is serialized. The resulting bug can be difficult to discover and debug. You should also be aware that WF uses the BinaryFormatter to serialize objects when a workflow is suspended. If you intend to use your business objects within a workflow, you should avoid using DataContract to ensure that your objects can be serialized if necessary. The DataContract and DataMember attributes are designed to support service-oriented design. In 21, I show how you can build service-oriented WCF services. That is the appropriate place for using these attributes.
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Figure 2-8. Viewing an item
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App Name ESPN Fantasy Football Games
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In this chapter you learned about the different types of classes and when to use them. You also learned about interfaces and you then created a project that shows you how you can use interfaces and superclasses to create polymorphic child classes. These polymorphic classes have the ability to override the methods of their parent classes and have implementations different from other child classes. In 11 we are going to learn about a very powerful feature in Silverlight: the ability to re-use objects by making use of templatizing. This is done using ControlTemplates, Styles, and custom UserControls.
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