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By extending the message router concept to add transactional support, the data portal makes it very easy for a business developer to leverage either Enterprise Services or System.Transactions as needed. At the same time, the complexity of both technologies is reduced by abstracting them within the data portal.
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The Deep Zoom feature allows Silverlight developers to implement zooming and panning capabilities to implement high-resolution imagery solutions. The Deep Zoom Composer allows professionals to create and prepare images to implement the Deep Zoom feature within Silverlight applications. If you have seen the Hard Rock Memorabilia ( site, you have seen a product of the Deep Zoom Composer. This technology will be discussed when we take a closer look at media support in Silverlight in 4. Visit and search for Deep Zoom Composer to download the tool.
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As the sequential query in Listing 28-1 works its way through the items in the data source, the where clause excludes any that don t begin with the letter p. The first value, apple, is rejected but the second, plum, is passed to the select clause and projected into the results. The sequence continues; cherry, grape and banana are all filtered out, but pear is included. You can look at the items in the data source and tell in advance what sequence of results will be produced: plum will always generate the first result, pear will always generate the second, and so on. This implicit ordering is lost when you use PLINQ because the individual chunks of the data source are processed in parallel and the Task processing the first chunk may not find a result until after other Tasks have done so, as illustrated by Figure 28-3.
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class OtherClass : SomeClass // Derived class { Keyword new public string Field1 = "OtherClass Field1"; // Mask the base member. new public void Method1(string value) // Mask the base member. { Console.WriteLine("OtherClass.Method1: {0}", value); } } Keyword class Program { static void Main() { OtherClass oc = new OtherClass(); oc.Method1(oc.Field1); } } This code produces the following output: OtherClass.Method1: OtherClass Field1
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Object tables are used to implement an object relational model in Oracle. A single object table will create many physical database objects typically, and add additional columns to your schema to manage everything. There is some amount of magic associated with object tables. Object views allow you to take advantage of the syntax and semantics of objects, while at the same time retaining complete control over the physical storage of the data and allowing for relational access to the underlying data. In that fashion, you can achieve the best of both the relational and object-relational worlds.
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The code in Listing 6-35 is the complete physics simulation once set up, it will handle everything. It s also a simplified physics simulation. It doesn t support mass or torque, and the friction is a cheat (the 0.99f scalar). But that doesn t matter, because it looks cool. Listing 6-35 implements a Verlet integrator (the move part), with a relaxation-based solver. A proper stiff relaxation-based solver would iterate both solves several times, but doing it once makes it more bouncy (and I like bouncy). You can learn more about Verlet physics in the Advanced Character Physics article, written by Thomas Jakobsen, at http://www.teknikus. dk/tj/gdc2001.htm. Now that you have an idea what s actually being done, take a look at Listing 6-36, which shows the DoInput function.
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