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There is a problem mapping one kind of exception to another, which is that details of what caused the original problem are lost. We can address this by using the original exception as a constructor argument when creating the replacement exception, as demonstrated by Listing 14-21. Listing 14-21. Creating an Exception That Has an Inner Exception public int PerformCalculation(int num1, int num2) { try { return resultsData[num1, num2]; } catch (IndexOutOfRangeException ex) { // throw a more useful exception throw new CalculationParameterRangeException("Parameter out of range", ex); } } You can see that I have used the exception constructor that takes another exception as a parameter. This is how you can associate one exception as the cause of another. In effect, the IndexOutOfRange exception directly led to the CalculationParameterRangeException. You can chain as many exceptions as you need together to capture the sequence of problems, and, of course, programmers who catch your exceptions can wrap them in their own. Listing 14-22 demonstrates how to create an exception chain and how the details of each exception can be read.
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The BindingEdit Property
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As I ve stated previously, these are very generic descriptions of the orchestration shapes. The best method for fully understanding the Orchestration Designer tools is to use them. You ll get started with that next, as you use a select few of the orchestration shapes in an example.
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Listing 2-8. Using the NavigableMap Interface
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As I mentioned, the majority of the design work I do is for the Web. Since both a web site and an iPhone application are based on user interaction, they share many design principles. At the same time, some differences change the game completely. I d like to share a few key points that I ve discovered and always try to keep in mind. Apple already provides majority of the UI objects you will need for your application. Take great care in creating new design patterns for interaction; this isn t the Wild West of UI design like the Web can be sometimes. Respect the fact that your users have become familiar with the common objects in iPhone applications, and they will expect your application to behave the same way. A table is a table is a table, and you shouldn t go reinventing it just because you don t want to do things same as everyone else. Convention is your friend, not a hindrance to your design ego. In Snow Reports, I designed a very custom UI for reading reports, but I used the standard UI objects when it came to searching and managing tracked resorts (see Figure 10-12).
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Two sample integers are 3 and 6.
on dbms_lock to scott;
You should have a response like the following (in my example I have two blob containers: blobs and pictures): < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <EnumerationResults AccountName=""> <Containers> <Container> b <Name>b lobs </Name> <Url></Url> <LastModified>Mon, 16 Nov 2009 02:32:13 GMT</LastModified> <Etag>0x8CC347C240E3FE0</Etag> </Container> <Container> p <Name>p ictures</Name>
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