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Tip If both comparison periods are in the same AWR schema, use the AWR compare-period report, which
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Note Deploying our workflow to SharePoint is going to make use of the SharePoint Features functionality. While you can get through this section without a deep understanding of Features, it would help if you had some knowledge. When we get to the section on production deployment, we ll raise the bar a little further and talk about SharePoint Solutions.
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11. Now double-click each sample value for Property1, change them to Hello, World, Silverlight,
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Common Type System (CTS)
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byte[] newHashCode = myHashAlgorithm.ComputeHash(myStream); // compare the hash codes byte by byte bool hashCodeIsValid = newHashCode.SequenceEqual(originalHashCode); // print out the hashcode Console.WriteLine("Hash code is valid: {0}", hashCodeIsValid); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } Listing 37-8 follows the same steps as Listing 37-7 to generate a hash code for the file. I then use the SequenceEqual LINQ extension method to compare the sequence of bytes in each hash code to see whether they are the same. This is a handy way of comparing the contents of two arrays. The two hash codes won t match if even one bit of data in the file has been changed since the first hash code was generated. If they are identical, then the codes will match. Since my file is the same, I get the following output when I compile and run Listing 37-8: Hash code is valid: True Press enter to finish
As with all 3D effects, you will need to pass in your World, View, and Projection matrices so your vertex shader can transform the 3D positions of your vertices to 2D screen coordinates. To show the effect of bump mapping, you should also be capable of changing the lighting direction. Furthermore, as mentioned in the introduction to this recipe, you will need to pass two textures to your graphics card: one to sample the usual colors from and a second one to look up how much the default normal should be deviated in each pixel. float4x4 xWorld; float4x4 xView; float4x4 xProjection; float3 xLightDirection; Texture xTexture; sampler TextureSampler = sampler_state { texture = <xTexture> ; magfilter = LINEAR; minfilter = LINEAR; mipfilter=LINEAR; AddressU = wrap; AddressV = wrap;}; Texture xBumpMap; sampler BumpMapSampler = sampler_state { texture = <xBumpMap> ; magfilter = LINEAR; minfilter = LINEAR; mipfilter=LINEAR; AddressU = wrap; AddressV = wrap;}; struct SBMVertexToPixel { float4 Position : POSITION; float2 TexCoord : TEXCOORD0; }; struct SBMPixelToFrame { float4 Color : COLOR0; }; The vertex shader will output the 2D screen position of each vertex (as always) together with the texture coordinate. The pixel shader has to calculate the final color.
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