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Figure 8-25. A BindingSource of the FormSQLAzureConnect is defined to bind the data source to the data object instance s XML SQLDatabaseAccessRoot When an XML data file is loaded, the data will be deserialized into a data object and assigned to the member variable _sqlDataAccessRoot, and a member method _UpdateUI() is called. This method loops through all the predefined services, factors out the SQLDataServiceControls, and calls the _AddPage() method to assign each control to a tab page. Each SQLDatabaseControl has an underlying ParameterControl if the SQL command type is a stored procedure and requires parameters as Listing 8-12 shows. When a tab page has been created, it registers two events from the underlying SQLDataAccessControls, eventSelectedTextChanged and eventBubblePreviewKeyDown, triggered when the script text is selected by the user, and the F5 shortcut key is pressed to invoke the SQL script. These two events have been handled in two anonymous methods. These two anonymous methods are implemented in the method _AddPage() and shown in Listing 8-17. Listing 8-17. The Main Form Formsqlazureconnect Uses the Data Objects Deserialized from an XML Data File to Factor Out the UI Tab Pages and Underline SQLServiceControls private void _UpdateUI() { if (null != _sqlDataAccessRoot) { this.txtServer.Text = _sqlDataAccessRoot.ServerConnection.ServerName; this.txtDatabase.Text = _sqlDataAccessRoot.ServerConnection.Database; this.txtUserID.Text = _sqlDataAccessRoot.ServerConnection.Login; this.txtPassword.Text = _sqlDataAccessRoot.ServerConnection.Password; for (int i = 0; i < _sqlDataAccessRoot.SqlDataService.Length; ++i)
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Your code can then invoke methods on this object in the usual manner:
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You should see an image of some cherries. If you change cherry.jpg in the URL to apple.jpg or orange.jpg, you will see the other images included in the project. If you ask for any other file, or remove the demo part of the URL, you will see an error.
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