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The following is an example of the syntax of the typeof operator. Type is a class in the System namespace. Type t = typeof ( SomeClass ) You cannot overload the typeof operator, as that would defeat the .NET type-safety mechanisms. For example, the following code uses the typeof operator to get information on a class called SomeClass, and print the names of its public fields and methods. using System.Reflection; class SomeClass { public int Field1; public int Field2; public void Method1() { } public int Method2() { return 1; } } class Program { static void Main() { Type t = typeof(SomeClass); FieldInfo[] fi = t.GetFields(); MethodInfo[] mi = t.GetMethods(); foreach (FieldInfo f in fi) Console.WriteLine("Field : {0}", f.Name); foreach (MethodInfo m in mi) Console.WriteLine("Method: {0}", m.Name); } } The output of this code is the following: Field : Field : Method: Method: Method: Method: Method: Method: Field1 Field2 Method1 Method2 GetType ToString Equals GetHashCode
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Sockets are a low-level network programming feature that allows you to create custom network protocols that your client and server programs can use to communicate or to provide your own implementation of standard network protocols. In general, socket programming is an advanced and complex topic, but simple socket programming can be performed using some C# helper classes.
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Figure 14-2. Parallel update (PDML) depiction We can actually observe the fact that there are separate independent transactions created for the parallel execution servers. We ll use two sessions again. In the session with SID=701, we explicitly enable parallel DML. PDML differs from parallel query in that regard; unless you explicitly ask for it, you will not get it: big_table@ORA11GR2> alter session enable parallel dml; Session altered.
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To interface with the Azure Storage REST API, we will construct a request using the WebRequest classes. We need to do the following:
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qr-codes data details with word Whatever happens (and it's likely this merge won t happen overnight), it is clear that WPF and Silverlight have a very bright future ahead and are certainly technologies to invest io invest in.
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Understanding Configuration Inheritance
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