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Storage That Can Migrate
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Using Binary Serialization
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That is, you retrieve the data by some key and need that data ordered by some other column. Using a sorted hash cluster, Oracle can return the data without performing a sort at all. It accomplishes this by storing the data upon insert in sorted order physically by key. Suppose you have a customer order table: ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> select cust_id, order_dt, order_number 2 from cust_orders 3 order by cust_id, order_dt; CUST_ID ORDER_DT ORDER_NUMBER ------- ---------------------------- -----------1 31-MAR-05 PM 21453 11-APR-05 AM 21454 28-APR-05 AM 21455 2 08-APR-05 AM 21456 19-APR-05 AM 21457 27-APR-05 AM 21458 30-APR-05 AM 21459 7 rows selected. The table is stored in a sorted hash cluster, whereby the HASH key is CUST_ID and the field to sort on is ORDER_DT. Graphically, it might look like Figure 10-10, where 1, 2, 3, 4, represent the records stored sorted on each block. qrcode read sample
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The following code shows an example of a void method with a return statement. The method writes out a message only if the time is after noon. The process, which is illustrated in Figure 5-5, is as follows: First the method gets the current date and time. (Don t worry about understanding the details of this right now.) If the hour is less than 12 (that is, before noon), the return statement is executed, and control immediately returns to the calling method without writing anything to the screen. If the hour is 12 or greater, the return statement is skipped, and the code executes the WriteLine statement, which writes an informative message to the screen.
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You will now create an example to demonstrate two-way data binding. 1. 2. Open DataBindingTest.xaml. Add the following XAML after the cmdChangeTitle button (note that the binding mode is set to TwoWay now): <TextBlock>Two way binding:</TextBlock> <TextBox x:Name="txtTwoWay" Width="300" Text="{Binding Title, Mode=TwoWay}" Height="20" > </TextBox> 3. Open DataBindingTest.xaml.cs. In DataBindingTest_Loaded()()add the following code (after the call to PopulateItems()) to bind the text box txtTwoWay to the first item in the movie list: //Set up two way binding txtTwoWay.DataContext = MoviesList[0]; 4. 5. 6. 7. Press F5 to run your application. Click the DataBinding button and select the text box labelled txtTwoWay. Change the text to The Terminator 2 . Click another text box.
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Logon Trigger That Enables 10046 Tracing on Logon for a Program
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An instance of a derived class consists of an instance of the base class, plus the additional members of the derived class. A reference to the derived class points to the whole class object, including the base class part. If you have a reference to a derived class object, you can get a reference to the base class part of the object by casting the reference to the type of the base class by using the cast operator. The cast operator is placed in front of the object reference, and consists of a set of parentheses containing the name of the class being cast to. Casting is covered in detail in 18. The next few sections will cover accessing an object by using a reference to the base class part of the object. We ll start by looking at the two lines of code that follow, which declare references to objects. Figure 7-6 illustrates the code and shows the parts of the object seen by the different variables. The first line declares and initializes variable derived, which then contains a reference to an object of type MyDerivedClass. The second line declares a variable of the base class type, MyBaseClass, and casts the reference in derived to that type, giving a reference to the base class part of the object. The reference to the base class part is stored in variable mybc, on the left side of the assignment operator. The reference to the base class part cannot see the rest of the derived class object, because it is looking at it through a reference to the base type. MyDerivedClass derived = new MyDerivedClass(); MyBaseClass mybc = (MyBaseClass) derived; // Create an object. // Cast the reference.
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Using Server Controls in ASP.NET AJAX
Entry Type
On the surface, it seems like maintaining a set of globally available information is easy just use a Shared field and be done with it. Unfortunately, things are quite a bit more complex when building a framework that must operate in a multithreaded server environment. Remember that the serverside components of the data portal may run in ASP.NET on an IIS server when either .NET Remoting or Web Services are used as a network channel. And in the future, WCF (Indigo) will run in a similar server configuration.
When successful, the OpenFile and CreateFile methods return an instance of the IsolatedStorageFileStream class. Its public properties are listed in Table 6-14, and its public methods are listed in Table 6-15. Table 6-14. Properties of the System.IO.IsolatedStorageFileStream Class
HTTP Handlers
<CustomerName> Joe Bob </CustomerName> <CustomerAddress> 101 No Road </CustomerAddress> <CustomerCSZ> Grand Rapids Michigan 49503 </CustomerCSZ>
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