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4. In the File Transport Properties dialog box, click the Browse button and find the replenishment folder that you created earlier. 5. You won t be assembling the outgoing file to a .csv file as you did in 9, so leave the file name as set by default. Your transport settings should be as shown in Figure 10-14.
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Gets the number of dimensions of the array Gets the total number of elements in all the dimensions of the array Returns the length of a particular dimension of the array Sets a range of elements to 0 or null Sorts the elements in a one-dimensional array Searches a one-dimensional array for a value, using binary search Performs a shallow copy of the array copying only the elements, both for arrays of value types and reference types Returns the index of the first occurrence of a value in a one-dimensional array Reverses the order of the elements of a range of a onedimensional array Gets the upper bound at the specified dimension
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If you select one of the entities, then view the Mapping Details window, you will see how the individual properties on the entity are mapped to the underlying database fields (Figure 8-6). Now select one of the individual entity properties and Visual Studio will display information in the Properties window, such as the type of field, length, and so on. Notice how you can also change the name of the field and the getter and setter properties' access levels (Figure 8-7).
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Listing 7-2. The First Generated Class for the Web Service
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Figure 10-16. Terms for an assembly s identity
Figure 4-1. Designing the page
int main() { // native 1D array int native_array_1D[10]; // managed 1D array array<int>^ managed_array_1D = gcnew array<int>(10); for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) { native_array_1D[i] = i*i; cout << native_array_1D[i] << " "; managed_array_1D[i] = native_array_1D[i]; cout << managed_array_1D[i] << " "; } cout << endl; } Here is the output of Listing 5-23:
Figure 10-7. Relationship between the classes in CslaDataSource The only bit of functionality that a UI developer will see is that CslaDataSource declares and raises four events. The UI developer must respond to these events to provide the interaction with the business object. Table 10-8 lists the events.
A business object taps into this functionality through methods exposed on BusinessBase. The end result is that a business property is always coded in a consistent manner. In the following example, the highlighted line of code triggers the validation rules behavior: public string Name { get { if (CanReadProperty()) return _name; else throw new System.Security.SecurityException("Property get not allowed"); } set { if (CanWriteProperty()) { if (value == null) value = string.Empty; if (_name != value) { _name = value; PropertyHasChanged(); } else throw new System.Security.SecurityException("Property set not allowed"); } } } You ll see more complete use of the validation rules functionality in 8, during the implementation of the sample application. There are three types of functionality displayed in Figure 2-13. The ValidationRules, RuleHandler, RuleArgs, and ValidationException classes manage the rule methods associated with the properties of an object. The BrokenRulesCollection and BrokenRule classes maintain a list of currently broken validation rules for an object. Finally, the CommonRules class implements a set of commonly used validation rules, such as StringRequired.
All fields belong to a type, and must be declared within the type declaration.
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