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Using the Default Content Pipeline Framework Components
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Figure 18-17. A reference conversion returns a different type associated to the object.
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Figure 7-3. Using the AlwaysVisibleControlExtender to pin down a label on the top-right part of the page
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If the configuration is set to use Windows security within the ASP.NET Framework (and anonymous access is off at the IIS level), this method loads the user name out of the server variables and creates an instance of the Windows Principal to populate the User property of the context. If the configuration is set to use Forms-based authentication, this module verifies the existence of the authentication ticket and redirects the user to the login page if it s not present. The EndRequest trap deals with a redirect to the originally requested URL after the user first logs in. You can leverage Passport authentication using the Passport SDK. (See 5 for details.) The Role Manager allows the membership provider to store a role-based resource authorization. PreAuthorizeRequest populates the user object with the roles by loading the roles for the user through the membership API. EndRequest saves this information as a cookie, so it doesn t have to be reloaded with each request.
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CheckAccess ClearValue
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Calculated items are listed with other items in the Row or Column Labels areas of the pivot table. Calculated fields appear with the other value fields in the pivot table. Like other value fields, a calculated field s name may be preceded by Sum of. Another way to identify calculated fields is to check in the PivotTable Field List. If the name appears there, it s a calculated field. Calculated items are not listed. Also, you can create a list of all the formulas in a pivot table. See Section 3.26 for instructions.
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Figure 7-3. Editing the task list in the ASP .NET designer
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Creates a new instance with the specified key and value Gets the key Gets the value
Caution These formulas do not work correctly if other items are in Row 1 or Column A of the Orders
In the following code, OtherClass derives from SomeClass but hides both its inherited members. Note the use of the new modifier. The code is illustrated in Figure 7-5. class SomeClass { public string Field1 = "SomeClass Field1"; public void Method1(string value) { Console.WriteLine("SomeClass.Method1: } // Base class
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