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Once the application has been deployed, you re able to work with the components in a structured environment, with visibility into each of the application entities, as shown in Figure 14-3.
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@implementation SocketController -(CFSocketRef)initSocket { CFSocketContext context = { .version = 0, .info = self, .retain = NULL, .release = NULL, .copyDescription = NULL }; CFSocketRef socket = CFSocketCreate( kCFAllocatorDefault, PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, IPPROTO_TCP, kCFSocketDataCallBack^kCFSocketConnectCallBack, // callBackTypes socketCallBack, // callBack function &context ); uint16_t port = 12345; struct sockaddr_in addr4; memset(&addr4, 0, sizeof(addr4)); addr4.sin_family = AF_INET; addr4.sin_len = sizeof(addr4); addr4.sin_port = htons(port); const char *ipaddress = ""; inet_aton(ipaddress, &addr4.sin_addr); NSData *address = [NSData dataWithBytes:&addr4 length:sizeof(addr4)]; CFSocketConnectToAddress(socket, (CFDataRef)address, -1); CFRunLoopSourceRef source; source = CFSocketCreateRunLoopSource(NULL, socket, 1); CFRunLoopAddSource(CFRunLoopGetCurrent(), source, kCFRunLoopDefaultMode); CFRelease(source); return socket; } @end
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The advantage of this approach is that the logic is centralized, but the drawbacks are plentiful. For starters, the user experience is totally non-interactive. Users can t get any results, or even confirmation that their data is valid, without round-tripping the data to the database for processing. The database server becomes a performance bottleneck, because it s the only thing doing any actual
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The original collection performs the requested operation and adds or removes the child object. Of course, that triggers a ListChanged event from the original collection. Recall that in the constructor of SortedBindingList, the original collection s ListChanged event was handled by the SourceChanged() method. I ll cover the SourceChanged() method in a moment, and you ll see how the ListChanged event is suppressed when the add or remove operation is initiated by the view itself. The Insert() method is simpler: public void Insert(int index, T item) { _list.Insert(index, item); } void System.Collections.IList.Insert(int index, object value) { Insert(index, (T)value); } When a new item is inserted into the view, it is really inserted into the original collection. This results in the original collection raising its ListChanged event, and in turn the view then raises its ListChanged event (in the SourceChanged() method in the following code). The end result is that the view raises the ListChanged event exactly once, which is the desired goal.
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The System.IO.Directory class has a range of static methods that you can use to interrogate and manipulate files and directories. In the following sections, I ll demonstrate some of the most commonly used methods.
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The signature and return type of the callback method must be of the form described by the AsyncCallback delegate type. This form requires that the method take a single parameter of type IAsyncResult and have a void return type, as shown here: void AsyncCallback( IAsyncResult iar ) There are several ways you can supply the callback method to the BeginInvoke method. Since the callback parameter in BeginInvoke is a delegate of type AsyncCallback, you can supply it as a delegate, as shown in the first code statement that follows. Or you can just supply the name of the callback method and let the compiler create the delegate for you. Both forms are semantically equivalent. Create a delegate with the callback method. IAsyncResult iar1 = del.BeginInvoke(3, 5, new AsyncCallback(CallWhenDone), null); Just use the callback method s name. IAsyncResult iar2 = del.BeginInvoke(3, 5, CallWhenDone, null); The second BeginInvoke parameter is used to send an object to the callback method. It can be an object of any type, but the parameter is of type object, so inside the callback method you will have to cast it to the correct type.
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Array Objects
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Now you have a program that isolates the game code from the Objective-C code. It doesn t do anything, but it s a good place to start.
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Uses the iteration variable Uses the iteration variable
Next run woraauthbf. The first steps normally in a cracking session are to assess whether the password is set to the username, assess whether the password is set to a known default, check the password against a dictionary, and finally check whether the password is too short. The woraauthbf password cracker is a dictionary and brute-force password cracker. A password cracker takes a guess of possible passwords and works out the password hash by using a combination of the username and the guess of the password. If the final hash created by the cracker is the same as that in SYS.USER$.PASSWORD, you have cracked the password. A dictionary cracker takes a dictionary of words one at a time and feeds the words into the password algorithm implemented in the cracker. If the hashes match, the password is found. Instead of using a dictionary of words, a brute-force cracker uses every possible combination of characters to crack randomly created passwords such as fgv54dj. What you are trying to do here is to check whether the password is long enough. Although a brute-force cracker can test any password, even random ones, it takes a very long time to crack reasonably long ones. By choosing a long password, someone with reasonable hardware and the same software cracker that you can download cannot crack your password. The woraauthbf cracker has a couple of tricks built in. First, it automatically tests whether the password is set to the username. Second, it tests whether the password is a default. The cracker comes with a list called default.txt extracted from my website. The first step you should try then is actually the third step the dictionary phase. Listing 14-15 shows how to run woraauthbf to crack passwords by using a dictionary. Listing 14-15. Running the woraauthbf Cracker in Dictionary Mode C:\woraauthbf_0.22R3>woraauthbf -p cracker.lis -d cracker_dict.txt t hash Usernames will be permuted! The number of processors: 2 Number of pwds to check: 4825604 Number of pwds to check by thread: 2412802 Password file: cracker.lis, dictionary file: cracker_dict.txt, type: hash Start: 1 End: 2412802 Start array thread with 578 number of passwords! Password found: OUTLN:OUTLN:A:A Password found: DIP:DIP:A:A Password found: TSMSYS:TSMSYS:A:A Password found: ORACLE_OCM:ORACLE_OCM:A:A Password found: WMSYS:WMSYS:A:A Password found: EXFSYS:EXFSYS:A:A Password found: SPATIAL_WFS_ADMIN:SPATIAL_WFS_ADMIN:A:A Password found: ORDSYS:ORDSYS:A:A Password found: ORDPLUGINS:ORDPLUGINS:A:A Password found: SI_INFORMTN_SCHEMA:SI_INFORMTN_SCHEMA:A:A Password found: MDSYS:MDSYS:A:A Password found: MDDATA:MDDATA:A:A Password found: SPATIAL_WFS_ADMIN_USR:SPATIAL_WFS_ADMIN_USR:A:A Password found: WFS_USR_ROLE:WFS_USR_ROLE:A:A Password found: SPATIAL_CSW_ADMIN:SPATIAL_CSW_ADMIN:A:A Password found: SPATIAL_CSW_ADMIN_USR:SPATIAL_CSW_ADMIN_USR:A:A Password found: CSW_USR_ROLE:CSW_USR_ROLE:A:A Password found: WK_TEST:WK_TEST:A:A Password found: OWBSYS:OWBSYS:A:A Password found: AB:AB:A:A
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