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The checked and unchecked operators control the overflow checking context of an expression, which is placed between a set of parentheses. The syntax is the following: checked ( Expression ) unchecked ( Expression ) For example, the following code executes the same conversion first in a checked operator and then in an unchecked operator. In the unchecked context, the overflow is ignored, resulting in the value 208. In the checked context, an OverflowException exception is raised. ushort sh = 2000; byte sb; sb = unchecked ( (byte) sh ); Console.WriteLine("sb: {0}", sb); sb = checked ( (byte) sh ); Console.WriteLine("sb: {0}", sb); // Most significant bits lost // OverflowException raised
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Most people aren t going to create their own annotation processors. They re more apt to use annotations created by others, like for JDBC queries. If you only use them, you don t need to know anything in this chapter. If you need to process annotations, however, you need to know how the processing model has changed from J2SE 5.0 to Java SE 6.0. It s not that different just slightly with classes moving between packages and slightly different interfaces. Use them with care, and don t go overboard. Defining your own annotations really has not changed from J2SE 5.0. Appendix A wraps up the book with information about acquiring the weekly releases.
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Dates are a perennial development problem. Of course, there s the DateTime data type, which provides powerful support for manipulating dates, but it has no concept of an empty date. The trouble is that many applications allow the user to leave date fields empty, so you need to deal with the concept of an empty date within the application. On top of this, date formatting is problematic rather, formatting an ordinary date value is easy, but again you re faced with the special case whereby an empty date must be represented by an empty string value for display purposes. In fact, for the purposes of data binding, you often want any date properties on the objects to be of type string so that the user has full access to the various data formats as well as the ability to enter a blank date into the field. Dates are also a challenge when it comes to the database; the date data types in the database don t recognize an empty date any more than .NET does. To resolve this, date columns in a database typically do allow null values, so a null can indicate an empty date.
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Getting Started with Tasks
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Table 20-29. BinaryReader Methods for Reading Built-in Values
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public Address(string partitionKey, string rowKey) : base(partitionKey, rowKey) { }
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As you can see, you just have three different sprites for the backgrounds, each of which covers the whole screen and clears it for the current frame s information to be drawn on top. Each is drawn for a different mode; Figure 3-11 shows what they look like.
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Connecting to Web Services
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Design and Build a Service-Oriented Web Service
Figure 5-14. Value fields displayed horizontally (at left), and vertically (at right)
iTunes and Your iPod touch
Goals for the Next-Generation Platform Services
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