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Integrating Data Matrix in Objective-C TRANSACTIONS

Case 1: The Lack of a Good Index
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Single-byte value, true = 1, false = 0 2-byte unsigned integer, representing a Unicode character Signed 1-byte integer, the same as char in C/C++ Unsigned 1-byte integer Signed 2-byte integer Unsigned 2-byte integer Signed 4-byte integer Unsigned 4-byte integer Signed 8-byte integer Unsigned 8-byte integer 4-byte floating point 8-byte floating point Typed reference, carrying both a reference to a type and information identifying the referenced type Pointer-size integer; size dependent on the target platform, which explains the use of the keyword native Pointer-size unsigned integer
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Note You want the length of your normal vectors to be exactly 1, because this vector will be used in the
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Using the Reflection API, it is also possible to access a type s member dynamically. If you have a handle to a MethodInfo object, you can call the method via MethodInfo::Invoke. A FieldInfo object can be used to read or write the field s value via GetValue and SetValue. For properties and events, similar members exist. Such runtime-bound dynamic access to type members is obviously much slower than a direct method call or direct field access. (For static and non-static methods without arguments and return values, a call is about 300 times slower. Depending on the signature, the overhead can be multiples of that.) However, dynamic access can be helpful for implementing helper algorithms that can operate on objects even if the objects type is not known at build time. As an example, a data binding implementation can automatically bind control fields of a dialog to data fields of a data object based on field names. Before the dialog is displayed, a helper method of the data binding implementation could be called. This method can easily get FieldInfo objects for all fields of the data source class and the dialog class. FieldInfo objects from the data source class and FieldInfo objects from the dialog class with matching field names could be used to automatically read the value of the fields in the data source and to set the control s text in the dialog with these fields. When the OK button of the dialog is clicked, a helper function could be called that dynamically updates the fields from the data source with values dynamically read from the controls fields. The following code uses the Managed Reflection API to implement a serialization of objects into streams and a deserialization of objects from streams: // customSerialzation.cpp // CL /clr:safe customSerialization.cpp using namespace System; using namespace System::IO; using namespace System::Reflection; ref struct Person { String^ Name; int Age; }; void Serialize(Stream^ strm, Object^ o) { if (!strm) throw gcnew ArgumentNullException("strm"); if (!o) throw gcnew ArgumentNullException("o"); BinaryWriter^ bw = gcnew BinaryWriter(strm); try { Type^ t = o->GetType();
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After you enter the method name here, Visual Studio will jump you over to Code view with a method signature created for you. The code for this is in Listing 6-4.
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The List<T> class provides two methods that perform operations on all the items in the collection. These methods are described in Table 19-8. Table 19-8. Members for Sorting List Items
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This option brings up a dialog in which you can specify which controls should be available in the menu for your data source. You would then select that option from the list and drag the object onto the form. But I think it is easier to use connect-the-dots data binding instead. To do this, just drag a ListBox control from the normal toolbox onto the designer. Size and position it as you desire, then drag the ProjectList object from the Data Sources window onto the already existing ListBox control. Visual Studio adds a ProjectListBindingSource control to the designer, and the data binding properties of the ListBox control are automatically linked to that BindingSource control. Either approach is fine, and the end result is the same: your form has a ListBox control that is data bound to the ProjectList business object. Figure 9-13 shows the Data properties for the ListBox control.
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/clr:pure /MD
n the first two chapters, you began to get a sense for the power of Ajax and Altas and how they can help you build responsive web applications using asynchronous JavaScript and XML. 2 gave you an overview of ASP .NET 2.0 and in particular the server controls, including how you can use them to generate client-side JavaScript. This methodology is used throughout Atlas to make developing, deploying, and debugging rich client web applications as easy as possible. You also looked at some JavaScript code and how you can use this within Atlas. This chapter will go into more detail on the JavaScript libraries and APIs that Atlas provides. The chapter will start with a tour of the new features that have been added to JavaScript, such as namespaces and inheritance, so you can get a feel for how they work.
Tip Most queries are not executed until you start to enumerate the results. See Understanding Deferred Execution later in this chapter for more information.
Based on the use cases, you can assign resources to projects. This implies that the user has identified the project and wants to assign a resource to it. It also implies that a project has a collection of assigned resources: that is why the ProjectResources collection is in the object model. But what behavior and information would a user expect from the items in the ProjectResources collection Certainly, one behavior is to return the list of resources assigned to the project. Another behavior is to allow a new resource to be assigned to the project, implying something like an Assign() method that accepts the Id property from a Resource. It is also worth considering what information should be provided to the user. When viewing or editing a Project, the list of assigned resources should probably show something like this: Resource ID Resource name Date assigned to the project Role of the resource on the project
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