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The custom token manager must be registered in the Web service web.config file as follows:
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Types are usually declared directly inside a namespace. You can, however, also declare types inside a class or struct declaration. Types declared inside another type declaration are called nested types. Like all type declarations, nested types are templates for an instance of the type. A nested type is declared like a member of the enclosing type. A nested type can be any type. An enclosing type can be either a class or a struct.
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Scope of Variables and Parameters
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A managed array is actually an instance of the class System::Array. System::Array inherits from System::Object and implements IList. All managed arrays have the members shown in Tables 5-2 and 5-3.
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Figure 8-5. The device publishes its availability as a service to the network.
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s += String.Format(" Native Name: {0}\n", culUI.NativeName); s += String.Format(" English Name: {0}\n", culUI.EnglishName); s += String.Format(" Parent Culture Name: {0}\n", culUI.Parent.Name); s += String.Format(" Calendar: {0}\n", culUI.Calendar.ToString()); s += String.Format(" Is read-only: {0}\n", culUI.Calendar.IsReadOnly); CultureInfo culInvariant = CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture; s += "\nCurrent Invariant Culture Information " + culInvariant.Name + "\n"; s += String.Format(" Name: {0}\n", culInvariant.Name); s += String.Format(" Display Name: {0}\n", culInvariant.DisplayName); s += String.Format(" Native Name: {0}\n", culInvariant.NativeName); s += String.Format(" English Name: {0}\n", culInvariant.EnglishName); s += String.Format(" Parent Culture Name: {0}\n", culInvariant.Parent.Name); s += String.Format(" Calendar: {0}\n", culInvariant.Calendar.ToString()); s += String.Format(" Is read-only: {0}\n", culInvariant.Calendar.IsReadOnly); current.Text = s; } Note that you need to add a reference to System.Globalization, as shown here. using System.Globalization; I ran the project and retrieved the results shown in Figure 7-12, which can be further used to determine the user machine s culture information and adjust the application accordingly based on the localization capabilities of the application.
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Adding and Removing Items
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The DrawText method allows you to place a text at a particular position in your display. If you want to draw a text block and align and fit it within a box, DrawTextInRect will do this for you. ScreenMetrics metrics = ScreenMetrics.GetMetrics(); Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(metrics.Width, metrics.Height); Font font = Resources.GetFont(Resources.FontResources.NinaB); bmp.DrawTextInRect("Using the DrawTextInRect method allows you " + "to draw a text block and align and fit it " + "within a box.", 20, 20, // x and y (rectangle top left) 200, 300, // width and height of rectangle Bitmap.DT_AlignmentLeft | Bitmap.DT_WordWrap, // flags Color.White, // color font); // font bmp.Flush(); The DrawTextInRect method accepts different alignment and trimming flags that can be combined to achieve different effects. In this case, the flags are not, as you might expect, enumeration types. They are constant members of the Bitmap class. Figures 11-12 to 11-15 show text that was drawn using different flag combinations.
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// create a new instance of a type from // the BillingSystem namespace B.Bill b = new B.Bill(); // create a new instance of a type from // the OrderSystem namespace O.Order o = new O.Order(); // create instances of each of the Product classes B.Product p1 = new B.Product(); O.Product p2 = new O.Product(); } } } You can see from the listing that aliasing an entire namespace is very similar to aliasing a single type. You use the using keyword, followed by the alias you want to use, an equals sign, and, finally, the name of the namespace you want to alias. The following statement:
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