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used in the WHERE clause. Generally, you should find that you need to create a statistics type only for a relatively few, unusual cases. c# barcode reader
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TypeSpec Assembly AssemblyRef File ExportedType ManifestResource GenericParam MethodSpec GenericParamConstraint
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Figure 3-2. Visual Studio resource editor
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The Format String
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This map uses four pushpins, which are transparent GIFs of a baseball, specified based on their longitude and latitude. Here is how you implement this using Atlas Script: <script type="text/xml-script"> <page xmlns:script=""> <components> <virtualEarthMap id="MyMap" latitude="48" longitude="-122" mapStyle="Road" zoomLevel="9"> <pushpins> <pushpin id="1" latitude="48" longitude="-122" imageURL="images/bb.gif" />
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The most basic interface, and the one that should be considered the least that any object author should implement, is INotifyPropertyChanged. This interface defines a PropertyChanged event that the business object should raise any time one of its properties is changed.
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The resource data is not directly used or validated by the deployment subsystem or the loader, so it can be of any kind. All resource data embedded in a managed PE file resides in a contiguous block inside the .text section. The Resources data directory in the CLR header provides the RVA and size of embedded managed resources. Each individual resource is preceded by a 4-byte unsigned integer holding the resource s length in bytes. Figure 6-3 shows the layout of embedded managed resources.
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Caution The caution at the end of the section Fault Handling applies equally as much to cancellation
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Figure 3-8 shows a form-based implementation of the consumer that allows you to receive stock quotes and place trades.
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then, in the context menu, click Show Details.
11. Before we start testing what we have achieved so far, I strongly recommend you do one more thing. The cloud storage table needs to be created in cloud storage, either locally during development or remotely after being deployed, at the time of the first data access request. To improve performance and avoid creating the table multiple times, insert a piece of code into the static function ApplicationStartUponFirstRequest in Global.asax as shown in Listing 2-10. Listing 2-10. Call to Create Cloud Storage Table at the Time of Application Starting private static void ApplicationStartUponFirstRequest(HttpContext context) { StorageAccountInfo account = StorageAccountInfo.GetDefaultTableStorageAccountFromConfiguration(); TableStorage.CreateTablesFromModel(typeof(AddressTableContext), account); } Now it is time to insert and query data from cloud table storage. Use the two ASP.NET web form tables we added in step 7: Address Information Input, used to accept the user input, and AddressTable, used to display the results as Figure 2-5 shows.
Logically Nesting Namespaces
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