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8. You will have to resolve FileInfo[]. You can do this by right-clicking it and left-clicking
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Caution These changes will not be undone if you reset the pivot table captions. You can type the original
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This declaration indicates that List is a generic type with one type parameter, T. Returning to our example of treating isotopes of the chemical elements, the List class is a good choice to represent the isotopes of an element, since each element has a different number of isotopes. The generic List collection is exposed as a property in this class. When the List object is declared, an actual type (a handle to Isotope) is used as the parameter. Handles, rather than direct reference types, are allowed as type parameter substitutions. You can also use a value type without a handle. Listing 2-15 shows an ElementType class with the Isotopes property, which is a list of isotopes for a particular element. Listing 2-15. A Reference Class That Uses the Generic List As a Property ref class Isotope; // implementation omitted for brevity ref class ElementType { // other properties specifying the element name, atomic number, etc. property List<Isotope^>^ Isotopes; }; Using this generic type is as easy as using the managed array type. The code in Listing 2-16 uses a for each statement to iterate through the generic List collection to look up an isotope by its number. Assume an Isotope class with an IsotopeNumber property. Listing 2-16. Iterating Through a Generic Collection ref class ElementType { // omitting other members of the class // Find an isotope by number. If not found, return a // null handle (nullptr). Isotope^ FindIsotope(int isotope_number) { for each (Isotope^ isotope in Isotopes) { if (isotope->IsotopeNumber == isotope_number) return isotope; } return nullptr; } };
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documentation in the Oracle Database Concepts manual for any version since Oracle 8 version 8.0.
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INotifyDataErrorInfo Interface for Asynchronous Server-Side Validation
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The DoQuery() method is relatively simple, because it just invokes the specified factory method and returns the resulting business object. To invoke the factory method, it uses a bit of public reflection. This is necessary because the factory method name comes from XAML, so it s obviously just a String value. If you look at the code, you ll see how it first attempts to find a factory method with parameters that match those provided from the XAML: Dim flags As BindingFlags = BindingFlags.Static Or _ BindingFlags.Public Or _ BindingFlags.FlattenHierarchy Dim factory As MethodInfo = request.ObjectType.GetMethod( _ request.FactoryMethod, flags, _ Nothing, _ MethodCaller.GetParameterTypes(parameters), Nothing) Ideally that will succeed, and the factory can be invoked. However, if a strongly typed match can t be made, another attempt will be made to find any factory with the correct number of parameters: If factory Is Nothing Then Dim parameterCount = parameters.Length Dim methods = request.ObjectType.GetMethods(flags) For Each method In methods If method.Name = request.FactoryMethod AndAlso _ method.GetParameters().Length = parameterCount Then factory = method Exit For End If Next method End If This covers the case where a factory method is defined to accept parameters of type Object, for example. Assuming some matching factory method is found, it is invoked: result = factory.Invoke(Nothing, parameters) If the ManageObjectLifetime property is True, then CslaDataProvider is expected to support the advanced save and cancel features. To do this, it must call the n-level undo BeginEdit() method on the object before returning it to data binding: If request.ManageObjectLifetime AndAlso result IsNot Nothing Then Dim undo = TryCast(result, Csla.Core.ISupportUndo) If undo IsNot Nothing Then undo.BeginEdit() End If End If
Note The ANSI/ISO SQL standard defines transaction-level characteristics, not just individual statement-bystatement level characteristics. In the following pages, we ll examine transaction-level isolation, not just statement-level isolation.
Microsoft provides a Silverlight unit testing framework very similar to the testing framework used by Visual Studio; however, the testing output is not by default integrated with Visual Studio. Microsoft Silverlight Unit Test Framework is part of the Infrastructure and Development tools of Silverlight Toolkit and it gets installed along with the Silverlight Toolkit ( The unit testing framework contains the following two testing framework binaries: Microsoft.Silverlight.Testing.dll Microsoft.VisualStudio.QualityTools.UnitTesting.Silverlight.dll
Encryption is used to protect the data when access controls are subverted, as they would be if someone has physical access to your database. If encryption worked like access controls, it could not protect the data at rest from theft since SYSDBA, for example, is never subject to access controls. SYSDBA can bypass everything. We need encryption as a stopgap on top of access controls in the event that access controls are subverted. In that case, we just want to prevent all access to the data, period.
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