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Figure 21-2 illustrates this for the enumerable query. Variable lowNums contains a reference to the enumerable that can enumerate the query results from the array.
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Written by Bill Moore
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Figure 3-7. The Connect dialog of the Copy Web Site feature in Visual Studio .NET 2005 You can see from icons on the left that you can choose from the File System (a network share), a local instance of IIS, an FTP site, or a Remote Site running FrontPage Extensions. Here we ve configured the dialog for connecting to a server via FTP You even have an option to . pick a particular directory on the target server; in this case, we re using it to drill into the root of this web server. Dispatching this dialog with the Open button populates the right-hand side list of files with an inventory from the destination server (see Figure 3-8). From here you can choose to copy files in either direction, overwrite existing files, or reconcile differences between the sites. Files with differences are also flagged with the icon. Overall, a much richer palette of deployment options is available in the new IDE.
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Structs are defined using the struct keyword. Listing 12-16 defines a simple struct.
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Figure 10-12. Nested table implemented as an IOT Where the EMPS_NT is an IOT using compression, it should take less storage than the original default nested table and it has the index we badly need.
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Project ProjectResources ProjectResource Resource ResourceAssignments ResourceAssignment Assignment ProjectList ProjectInfo ResourceList
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</Style> </StackPanel.Resources> <Button Content="Button1" FontSize="24" Style="{StaticResource buttonStyle}"/> </StackPanel> A button that uses this style takes on the diamond shape, but the button s text is forced to display the text BUTTON TEXT. This isn t useful as a general control template since using this approach requires a new control template defined for each text you would want to display. This problem is solved by the TemplateBinding markup extension. This markup extension exists to connect properties used by a control template to properties defined on a specific control, and therefore it can be used only in conjunction with control templates. The first revision we will make to the preceding control template is to make TemplateBinding use the same content as that specified on a particular button.
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Figure 5-11. UML definition of the final translation services architecture The Chain of Responsibility pattern is implemented using delegates because the Loader class is serving the dual purpose of implementing the Client-Dispatcher-Server pattern and the
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Block Buffer Cache
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As with variables, you can declare multiple fields of the same type in the same statement by separating the names with commas. Different types cannot be mixed in a single declaration. For example, you can combine the four preceding declarations into two statements, with the exact same semantic result: int F1, F3 = 25; string F2, F4 = "abcd";
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COFF Header
The language implicitly supplies a parameterless constructor for every struct. This constructor sets each of the struct s members to the default value for that type. Value members are set to their default values. Reference members are set to null. The predefined parameterless constructor exists for every struct and you cannot delete or redefine it. You can, however, create additional constructors, as long as they have parameters. Notice that this is different from classes. For classes, the compiler will only supply an implicit parameterless constructor if no other constructors are declared. To call a constructor, including the implicit parameterless constructor, use the new operator. Notice that the new operator is used even though the memory is not allocated from the heap. For example, the following code declares a simple struct with a constructor that takes two int parameters. Main creates two instances of the struct one using the implicit parameterless constructor, and the second with the declared two-parameter constructor. struct Simple { public int x; public int y; public Simple(int a, int b) { x = a; y = b; } } class Program { static void Main() { Call implicit constructor Simple s1 = new Simple(); Simple s2 = new Simple(5, 10); Call constructor Console.WriteLine("{0},{1}", s1.x, s1.y); Console.WriteLine("{0},{1}", s2.x, s2.y); } } // Constructor with parameters
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