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The WCF connector provides transport-independent support for message-based, serviceoriented applications. In 2 we discuss WSDL elements such as ports and bindings. These elements play an important role in the WCF connector because they govern how services provide endpoints for message requests. The three most important WCF connector elements are Ports: These provide URI-accessible endpoints for delivering messages to a service. Transport channels: These provide a way to deliver messages, and they are based on established protocols, including HTTP TCP and IPC. , , Message channels: These channels operate in conjunction with the transport channels and provide additional message delivery support, including reliable message delivery. Security support for message-oriented communication is provided throughout the WCF framework, including within the WCF connector, and will be fully integrated, as opposed to WSE 3.0, where the security support is more limited. WCF provides three types of security support for messages: 1. Session-based security: Session-based security support uses an on-demand session key to provide encryption and digital signatures. This mode closely follows the approach taken by the WS-Secure Conversation specification, which is discussed in detail in 7. 2. Message-based security: This provides for reliable messaging scenarios where the receiver may not be online at the time that the message is received. Message-based security ensures that message integrity and security are provided during asynchronous communication between a sender and a receiver. 3. Transport-level security: This uses a direct security protocol such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that automatically provides message encryption and signatures based on digital certificates. As with the WCF service model, WSE 3.0 and today s ASP .NET Web services clearly prepare you for working with the future WCF connector. Make sure that you understand the concepts that are presented in 2 on the WSDL document. The WCF connector rolls up all of these concepts and more, including transport and communication channels and message security.
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The source code specifies the definition of a program. The preprocessor directives instruct the compiler how to treat the source code. For example, under certain conditions, you might want the compiler to ignore portions of the code, and under other conditions, you might want that code compiled. The preprocessor directives give you those options and several others. In C and C++ there is an actual preprocessor phase, in which the preprocessor goes through the source code and prepares an output stream of text to be processed by the subsequent compilation phase. In C# there is no actual preprocessor. The preprocessor directives are handled by the compiler. The term, however, remains.
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Private assemblies are very useful, but sometimes you will want to put a DLL in a central place so that a single copy can be shared by other assemblies on the system. .NET has such a repository, called the global assembly cache (GAC). An assembly placed into the GAC is called a shared assembly. Some important facts about the GAC are the following: Only strongly named assemblies can be added to the GAC. Although earlier versions of the GAC accepted only files with the .dll extension, you can now add assemblies with the .exe extension as well. The GAC is located in a subdirectory named Assembly, of the Windows system directory.
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Problems with Statistics
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We will generate an example using the Deep Zoom Composer generated Silverlight project to feature a Deep Zoom example with Windows 7 sample nature pictures. Figure 4-7 shows the nature images generated during the Compose process in DeepZoom and the default zoomed-out view when the application runs.
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2. Draw a StackPanel on the artboard and give it a black background, as I have done in Figure 428.
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The StockTraderSecure Web service is a copy of the StockTrader Web service presented in 3 with additional code for processing SOAP request messages that have been digitally signed and encrypted. To get started with building the solution, you need to perform the following steps: 1. Install and configure the WSE toolkit (refer to 5 for detailed instructions). 2. Install and configure the X.509 test certificates (refer to 5 for detailed instructions). 3. Create a new ASP .NET Web service by clicking the File New Web Site menu option in Visual Studio 2005. Choose the File System Location option to create the project in a new folder named StockTraderSecure. 4. Delete the Service1.asmx and Service1.cs files from the project. 5. Copy the existing files StockTrader.asmx, StockTrader.cs, and StockTraderStub.cs from the original StockTrader project over to the new StockTraderSecure project. Add these files to the new project by right-clicking the App_Code folder and selecting the Add Existing Item menu option. (You do not need to modify namespace information in the newly added files.) 6. Add the StockTraderTypes reference assembly or project to the solution. Again, you can obtain this reference project from the 3 sample files. Alternatively, you can just copy the StockTraderTypes.dll compiled assembly over to the \bin directory of the StockTraderSecure Web service project. Use the Project Add Reference menu option to set a reference to the StockTraderTypes assembly or project from the StockTraderSecure Web service project.
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