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Figure 3-28 shows what a horizontal and vertical slider look like.
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nteroperability, or interop as it is usually called, refers to using or invoking program code from some other programming environment or language, for example, calling COM or native C++ code from a managed language. Interop is a complex but extremely necessary thing. Many people think that the C++/CLI language for the .NET platform would be used primarily to extend existing code bases written in native C++. While there is no reason why you could not use C++/CLI as your .NET language of choice, the support that C++/CLI provides for native code interop on the .NET platform is indeed impressive. In many cases, you simply turn on the /clr compiler option and recompile your native code, producing managed code (or at least mixed code that s mostly MSIL but with a few native x86 or x64 instructions mixed in). This feature was called IJW or it just works when it was originally released along with Managed Extensions for C++. And for the most part, it was true. It s now called mixed mode. A huge amount of work went into making that type of interop possible. Also, even if you re writing an entirely new managed application that uses a native API, such as Win32, interop support in C++ makes it easier and much faster to call these APIs in C++ than it is in C#.
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Located inside the front and back covers, the Day in the Life of an iPod touch User reference is an excellent guide to your phone s features, providing ideas on how to use your iPod touch and lots of easy-to-access, cross-referenced chapter numbers. So, if you see something you want to learn, simply thumb to that page and learn it all in just a few minutes.
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Control-Level Postback Events
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However, after feedback from a large number of LINQ to SQL customers, Microsoft seemed to back off on this a bit, when Tim said:
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Figure 7-2. The class declaration on the left implicitly derives from class object, while the one on the right explicitly derives from object. The two forms are semantically equivalent. Other important facts about class derivation are the following: A class declaration can have only a single class listed in its class-base specification. This is called single inheritance. Although a class can directly inherit from only a single base class, there is no limit to the level of derivation. That is, the class listed as the base class might be derived from another class, which is derived from another class, and so forth, until you eventually reach object.
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The original Apple samples used UIImage and CGImage, which can cause memory problems when used with OpenGL because they cache the image in memory, thus keeping a duplicate of it along with the OpenGL copy even after you release it. If you re doing a game with a lot of graphics, that can be a bit of an issue.
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See 11 for details of namespaces.
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2-4. Create a Freelancer-Style Camera: Full 3D Rotation Using Quaternions
Note Looking at Figures 7-15 and 7-16 it is easy to see that these forms do not look very nice. They look
gSaveGame.locationy = gLocationY; for(a = 0; a < NUM_COLONIES;a++) { gSaveGame.colonies[a] = gColony[a]; } for(a = 0; a < NUM_MINGONS;a++) { gSaveGame.mingons[a] = gMingon[a]; } } else { gSaveGame.gameactive = 0; } }
3. Open ApplicationResourceDict.xaml and paste this Style right above the 4. Run the application again by pressing F5.
// Event declaration
CookieHandler.setDefault(new ListCookieHandler());
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